New York Times - Sep 20 2015

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Clues Answers
'Been better, been worse' IMDOINGOK
'Isn't he great!' WHATAGUY
'Long ball' TATER
'Out of my way!' BEEPBEEP
102-Across topper TOQUE
23-Across topper FEDORA
28-Across topper STETSON
40-Across topper BERET
58-Across topper KEPI
83-Across topper BOWLER
95-Across topper PORKPIE
A long-established history DEEPROOTS
Absorbed ATE
Actor John of 'Full House' STAMOS
Actress Kravitz of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' ZOE
Al Bundy or Phil Dunphy TVDAD
Ancient hieroglyph IBIS
Angström or Celsius ANDERS
Approached quickly RANAT
Arctic jackets ANORAKS
Arctic masses BERGS
As a result ERGO
Author Jong ERICA
Ballpark amts ESTS
Baltic native LETT
Barker DOG
Basketry material OSIER
Billy Joel's '___ Extremes' IGOTO
Bit of cowboy gear REATA
Bit of wit BONMOT
Bo's cousin on 'The Dukes of Hazzard' LUKE
Bugs, e.g BUNNY
Cartoon cries EEKS
Catches a wave SURFS
CBS show with a 15-year run ending in 2015 CSI
Chits IOUS
City about which Gertrude Stein said 'There is no there there' OAKLAND
Co. that originated Dungeons & Dragons TSR
Confuse ADDLE
Contents of a spreadsheet DATASET
Continental carrier KLM
Cool dude CAT
Coors competitor PABST
Darken BEDIM
Demolish RAZE
Desires YENS
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Discordant, to some UNKEYED
Drink that's the subject of several rules in the Code of Hammurabi BEER
Eternities EONS
Famed frontierswoman CALAMITYJANE
Fictional archaeologist INDIANAJONES
Filer's concern IRSAUDIT
Finish on a canvas? TKO
Gain WIN
Getting down, so to speak DANCING
Giving goose bumps, say EERIE
Gusto BRIO
Hatcher who was a Bond girl TERI
He helped move a piano in 'The Music Box' STANLAUREL
Hip-hop name modifier LIL
Indigo plants ANILS
Invalidating VOIDING
Investment instruments, for short CDS
It parallels a radius ULNA
Italian pitchman of note CHEFBOYARDEE
Jack who ran for vice president in 1996 KEMP
Journalist Flatow IRA
Kerfuffle ADO
Key with four sharps: Abbr EMAJ
Clues Answers
Kramer's first name on 'Seinfeld' COSMO
Leader of the Free French CHARLESDEGAULLE
Leeway ROOM
Legitimate VALID
Like answers on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' FINAL
Like Mandarin or Cantonese TONAL
Like some tel. nos RES
Like the 13 Colonies: Abbr ENG
Literature Nobelist J. M. Coetzee, by birth AFRIKANER
Loan source for a mom-and-pop store: Abbr SBA
Many lines of code IFS
Mashes into a pulp PUREES
Modern-day hieroglyph EMOJI
Mom on 'Family Guy' LOIS
More indie, say EDGIER
Museo contents ARTE
Nixing phrase on movie night SEENIT
Nucleus HUB
One getting a tax write-off, maybe DONOR
One of the Bushes JEB
Ones going for hikes, for short? QBS
Opposite of a poker face TELL
Otto who worked on the Manhattan Project FRISCH
Perjured oneself LIED
Pinch NIP
Pioneering Arctic explorer John RAE
Poison compounds produced by snakes VENINS
Portrait overlooking Tiananmen Square MAO
Post-boomer group GENX
Post-___ ITS
Powerful bloodlines? AORTAE
Publishing mogul, for short HEF
Pursuer of Capt. Hook CROC
Quality of voices in the distance FAINTNESS
Queen of Jordan NOOR
Quick shot? PIC
Routine USUAL
Sends to oblivion DOOMS
Shipmate TAR
Shoplift, in slang BOOST
Site of a miracle in Daniel 3 FURNACE
Slays, informally OFFS
Some club hires DJS
Something cooks put stock in CONSOMME
South American rodents AGOUTIS
Spanish she-bear OSA
Spate RASH
Star of 'Sherlock Jr.' and 'Steamboat Bill Jr.' BUSTERKEATON
Starts of some one-twos LEFTJABS
Still EVEN
Subject of 'Guerrillero Heroico' CHEGUEVARA
Swillbelly SOT
They pop up in the morning EGGOS
Three-time Nobel Prize-winning organization REDCROSS
Title character in a Sophocles play AJAX
Toughens, as metal ANNEALS
Triage locales, for short ERS
Twirlers TOPS
Velázquez's '___ Meninas' LAS
Verizon purchase of 2015 AOL
Violinist Leopold AUER
Website necessity URL
Wes of PBS's 'History Detectives' COWAN
West Point inits USMA
Word after in and of ITSELF
You can learn something by this ROTE
Your, in Siena TUO
___ breve ALLA
___ bug FLU
___ Christi ANNO