Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 15 2015

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Clues Answers
A bit of a hustler with Carmen on The Hill OPERATOR
Agents cut dodgy centre page PERCENTAGE
Bile from spleen? TEMPER
Club takes Henry Heath back for cleaning up body BATHROOM
Dancing Queen cover single describes those going off the rails perhaps EQUINE
Don't punish defence EXCUSE
Doper is not part of procedure to put things right CURE
Extremely poor prince is overtly missing little after terrible suffering POVERTYSTRICKEN
Fat guy in yard embraces rugby LARD
Goes around love-struck in bar LOCK
Is capable of holding booze with a temperature? Take that as a warning! CAVEAT
Is on call perhaps for one of those getting United Irishman from old republican leadership RINGTONE
It's put down by writer for servant on return train PAGETURNER
Knock out review for the primates NUTS
Clues Answers
Makes over Rocky Lee's dorm REMODELS
Network is half busy at the branch SYSTEM
Phone men on train in rare circumstance PHENOMENON
Pressure is overdue to support final demonstrations for those left out to dry PLATERACKS
Put off start-up by celebrity STAR
Regulate rough critters RESTRICT
Something for player going around independent grounds BASIS
Something for the detective to do with Mick's reports? The travellers are bound to swallow them! TRAILMIX
Sounds like drink troubled aunt - the Halloween favourite, which is a bit different to the usual COCOANUT
Sounds like Scarlett and Clare get more money CERISE
Storm is similar to 12 across RAGE
Suggest everyone is due out ALLUDE
Trim troop at the greatest base ALKALI
Try to discourage Garda on the drink DISPIRIT