- Sep 13 2015

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Clues Answers
''The only animal that blushes. Or needs to'' MAN
''The Voice'' judge Levine ADAM
12-point type PICA
2014 Crowe role NOAH
Actor Cronyn HUME
Apt rhyme for ''stash'' CACHE
Backspace over ERASE
Belles at balls DEBS
Blissful spots EDENS
Cable installer WIRER
Cargo measure TON
Catchall category OTHER
City west of Florence PISA
Clad like a judge ROBED
Climbers' supports TOEHOLDS
Coal product TAR
Coffee-break time TEN
Confrontation FACEOFF
Corn bins CRIBS
Dander IRE
Darner's target HOLE
Debate side FOR
Debussy's ''__ de Lune'' CLAIR
Deer cousin MOOSE
Dinette spot NOOK
Discontinue CEASE
Docket entry CASE
Doctor of sci-fi WHO
Donnybrook MELEE
Dove calls COOS
Dull routine ROTE
Dutch river AMSTEL
Easily molded SOFT
Electronic read SCAN
Encouraging words DOIT
Engage in __ of wills ATEST
Etcher's liquid ACID
Fare for Miss Muffet WHEY
File partner RANK
Fix to suit ADAPT
Folder's words IMOUT
Frisks, with ''down'' PATS
Frog cousin TOAD
Fur magnate ASTOR
Game-show group PANEL
Get in a tussle FIGHT
Girl of Green Gables ANNE
Grain refuse CHAFF
Greedy one HOG
Grown cygnet SWAN
Half-__ (coffee order) CAF
Heroic tale SAGA
Hikers' routes PATHS
Hold firmly GRIP
In the wee hours EARLY
Irritate INCENSE
Italian import FIAT
Ken or Barbie DOLL
Kitchen device RICER
Large-scale MACRO
Lawyer's designation ESQ
Legendary tenor CARUSO
Lets up EASES
Lithium-__ battery ION
Long keyboard key ENTER
Lovely, as a lassie BONNY
Made wicker chairs CANED
Make eyes at OGLE
Make whole MEND
Male tabbies TOMS
Media mogul Turner TED
Clues Answers
Merited RATED
Middays NOONS
Middle section of ''Hamlet'' ACTTHREE
Mimicked APED
Moisten in the oven BASTE
Monstrous, like Shrek OGRISH
Montreal subway METRO
Moonshine maker STILL
More robust STURDIER
Motel visit STAY
Mr. Peanut accessory MONOCLE
Natural soother ALOE
Newspaper notices OBITS
No longer in DATED
No-goodnik STINKER
Not as good WORSE
Novelist Brown DAN
Orchestral instruments OBOES
Order of the court WRIT
Out of __ (excessively) PROPORTION
Out of __ (fictitiously) WHOLECLOTH
Out of __ (from nowhere) LEFTFIELD
Out of __ (having no chance) CONTENTION
Out of __ (in poor shape) CONDITION
Out of __ (kaput) COMMISSION
Out of __ (not feasible) THEQUESTION
Out of __ (poorly prepared) ONESDEPTH
Out of __ (super-duper) THISWORLD
Out of __ (unavailable) CIRCULATION
Overnighted, say SENT
Paint-can direction STIR
Parakeet food SEEDS
Part of a caddie's load IRONS
Part of Edison's signature THOS
Parts to assemble KIT
Picnic contest SACKRACE
Plumlike fruits SLOES
Pop singer Tori AMOS
Precursor to pancakes BATTER
President before DDE HST
Reaches across SPANS
Receipt stamp PAID
Retort to ''Ain't!'' ARESO
Risked a citation SPED
Rook's initial place CORNER
Roost dwellers HENS
Routing abbr ATTN
Said ''no contest,'' say PLED
Security device, for short CAM
Sense of self EGO
Showed disapproval HOOTED
Showed up CAME
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Stage persona ROLE
State-run game LOTTO
Strong point ASSET
Stumblebum CLOD
Swamp stalk REED
That one and this one BOTH
Tiresome talkers BORES
Tulip or onion BULB
Twiddles one's thumbs IDLES
Two-footed BIPED
Typical blue-stater DEMOCRAT
Unique SOLE
Vulgarian BOOR
Wear a long face SULK
Well-bred chap GENT
Wharton Sch. major ECON
Whiz PRO
Withdraws, with ''out'' OPTS
Word-game piece TILE
__ Scott decision DRED