New York Times - Sep 10 2015

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Clues Answers
1996-97 Deep Blue opponent KASPAROV
A or B in music class? STRING
A ways away FAR
Actress ___ Flynn Boyle LARA
Banned plant growth regulator ALAR
Barroom fixture TAP
Big name in rodent control DCON
Biggest city on the Big Island HILO
Blab ... or a literal hint to completing five answers in this puzzle SPILLTHEB
Bleep-worthy OBSCENE
Butt of many 1970s automotive jokes FORDP
Capone's nemesis NESS
Chipped-flint tool EOLITH
Chophouse orders STEAKS
Cobbler's punch AWL
Conversation interrupter in a car, maybe GPS
Cow, in Colombia VACA
Dermatologist's concern CYST
Doctor's diagnosis SYNDROME
Effort to resolve a dispute PARLEY
Enterprise alternative ALAMO
Even one ANY
Fairway gouges DIVOTS
Female gametes OVA
First of two columns in a fashion magazine DOS
Fishing lure FLY
Football play starter SNAP
Galileo, for one HERETIC
Game whose name is derived from its sound PINGPONG
Group of investments PORTFOLIO
High-end bag maker HERMES
Historical 1991 Oliver Stone film JFK
Holds from DENIES
Institution founded by Thos. Jefferson UVA
Know-it-all SMARTY
Leafy plant also called mountain spinach ORACH
Major blow GALE
Mall sweepstakes prize, maybe SPREE
Clues Answers
Neighbor of Chevy Chase BETHESDA
Not starter-level SECONDS
Nothin' BEANS
Old newspaper columnist Joseph ALSOP
Old Roman road ITER
On one's feet ARISEN
Ones that are all ears? COBS
Partial to KEENON
Pile high HEAPUP
Playful response to a good dig OHS
Princeton Review subj GRE
Provider of green energy? SALAD
Put into groups ASSORT
Rap sheet entries PRIORS
Receptacles for street performers HATS
Reduces to mush PULPS
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Saintes-Maries-de-la-___, French resort on the Mediterranean MER
Seeing WITH
Shade of blue NAVY
Sinking feeling DREAD
Some band practice JAM
Some cruise ship amenities SPAS
Stinging reply? OUCH
Stone that shimmers OPAL
Subsidiary of Gap Inc OLDN
The Marx Brothers, often TRIO
They may be high at a party HEELS
Tonto rode one PINTO
TSX automaker ACURA
University of Delaware mascot BLUEHEN
Veranda in 57-Down LANAI
Weigh station factor TARE
What Khloé might call Kim SIS
What may be good for the long run? LOPE
Worker for Deloitte, for short CPA
Yours truly MYSELF
___ Church, country singer with the #1 hits 'Drink in My Hand' and 'Springsteen' ERIC
___ to go RARIN