Universal - Sep 3 2015

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Clues Answers
"Sound of Music" setting ALPS
"Swan Lake" attire TUTU
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
"You said it, brother!" AMEN
"___ I say more?" NEED
"___ it the truth!" AINT
A ___ pittance MERE
Agendum, e.g ITEM
Anon's partner EVER
Ape from Borneo, briefly ORANG
Asian weight units TAELS
Baked-potato garnish CHIVE
Banks may float them LOANS
Be mistaken ERR
Blood-bank measure UNIT
Bothersome buzzer GNAT
Campus mil. group ROTC
Cat with a mottled coat CALICO
Catania's volcano ETNA
Cattle moving tool PROD
Causing the willies EERIE
City on the Missouri OMAHA
Coffee nickname JAVA
Coffeehouse music genre FOLK
Compete VIE
Comstock find ORE
Decorative or ornamented FANCY
Digit down low TOE
Drive-in feature SCREEN
Electricity, so to speak JUICE
Elegantly stylish CHIC
Exemplifies REPRESENTS
Fifty-fifty EVEN
Flat-fixing tools TIREIRONS
Fuel-economy letters MPG
Ginger cookie SNAP
Gp. headquartered in Brussels NATO
Grant entry LETIN
Hard natural coal ANTHRACITE
Clues Answers
Hard to pin down VAGUE
Hard-hit baseball LINER
Have possession of OWN
Indigenous Japanese AINU
Irritating tingle ITCH
It goes through withdrawals ATM
It'll floor you KNOCKOUTPUNCH
Kind of palm or nut BETEL
LaBeouf of "Transformers" SHIA
Lawn fertilizer LIME
Light, metallic sound TING
More murky or shadowy INKIER
Musical interval REST
Napa Valley sight WINERY
Norwegian city OSLO
Not mint USED
Notorious Henry VIII
Obtain, as vengeance EXACT
On pins and needles EDGY
Positively charged particles IONS
Prefix with "baptist" ANA
Radio interference STATIC
Remover of engine gases EXHAUSTSYSTEM
Seemingly limitless VAST
Shepherd's charge EWE
Skating surface ICE
Smelter residue SLAG
Spreads for drying TEDS
Ten-speed, e.g BICYCLE
They wear pinstripes YANKEES
They're exposed on ships POOPDECKS
Tidal bore EAGRE
Top-drawer AONE
Tot's bedtime request STORY
Trig function COSEC
Verb in history texts WAS
Within range NEAR
Without much trouble EASILY
___ fly (RBI earner) SAC