Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 1 2015

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Clues Answers
Change name from Roman times? So be it! AMEN
Discover it in Roman ontology any time soon ANON
Do something to cash in one's chips before midnight, for example PASSAWAYTHETIME
Fashionable to raise cross in closed arena INDOOR
Features the clergy society for cleaning up what's on top FACECLOTHS
For example, weight training protects that yolk EGGWHITE
Grounds to exchange tea set ESTATE
Has a look at half of 12 across in the raw for the old film buff perhaps? PEEPSHOW
Imitates extremes of Apple's iTunes APES
Irish love getting behind precious metal container, as it tops what the French make AUGRATIN
Local good-looking person was with his companion working after service DISHWASHER
Maintain awkward stares ASSERT
New pub opens for the farm workers BARN
Old European capital - that is attractive to those living in Edinburgh BONNIE
Clues Answers
One of the roosters, for one, gets up far too early POTATO
One of those in 9 across has a certain style with Lane PASSAGEWAY
Permit half of 9 across PASS
Principal gets half of 14 across from The Banner HEADLINE
Ran into writer expressing hesitation every year PERANNUM
Repercussion of playing Ulster RESULT
Sack mostly those with reputation for having gone to blazes FIREHOSE
Settle with Ray leaving earnestly NESTLE
Sounds like the end of 15 across for Herb THYME
Square piece of film equipment in Spain is the limit of Hazel's achievement TREELINE
The player did it in The Field with 24 across and Edward Dance PASSEDBALL
There's more than one way in to where the head chef works for yonks PASSAGES
Tops for pairs of short trousers generally delivered POST
Who had problem with room on back of Jumbo? HOWDAH