USA Today - Aug 28 2015

Clues Answers
"Christ the Redeemer" city RIO
"I give up!" relative? UNCLE
"___ Maria" AVE
Absurd INANE
Aged OLD
Air-traf. overseer FAA
Alpine transport TBAR
Atlantic City attraction KENO
Bacon bit STRIP
Bad look SNEER
Be a dishonest buck? TRICKTHEDOES
Blood vessel-constricting drug PRESSOR
Boat with an open hold SCOW
Bowery figures, stereotypically WINOS
Brimless headgear BERET
Calyx part SEPAL
Car tops ROOFS
Cocktail garnish OLIVE
Commuting time for many, obviously RUSHHOUR
Computer programmer, e.g CODER
Concern for oceanographers? FUTUREOFTHEWAVE
Dapper NATTY
Desert bloomers CACTI
Desert green spot OASIS
Disconcert UNSETTLE
Do a tailor's job RESEW
Dog days forecast HOT
Dogie-snagging rope LARIAT
Done with a wink SLY
Drive in Beverly Hills RODEO
Droop SAG
English exam finale, often ESSAY
Fancy home VILLA
Floral necklace LEI
Former 10-mark coins KRONEN
Get some air INHALE
Gets ready for billiards RACKS
Go second in a debate REBUT
Clues Answers
Gold source of fable GOOSE
Hebrew letter YOD
Infomercials, e.g ADS
Introduction to math? AFTER
Isolate like Napoleon ENISLE
Kentucky Derby entrant HORSE
Last word of the year, often ONE
Like the Rice Krispies mascots ELFIN
Lilly of pharmaceuticals ELI
Money substitute SCRIP
Mountain pool TARN
Musical sign CLEF
Name on many elevators OTIS
One of the Allman Brothers DUANE
Paranormal showman Geller URI
Patrons of the arts ESTHETES
Photo ___ (camera sessions) OPS
Plumbing pipe material PVC
Prince of Darkness SATAN
Razor sharpener STROP
Recognizes, briefly IDS
Removes by ballot REPEALS
Retain KEEP
Ship refueling places PORTS
Stalk with a rifle HUNT
Still waiting for a tenant UNLET
Stray dog CUR
The "A" in A.D ANNO
Throat dangler UVULA
Touring production ROADSHOW
Univ. teachers PROFS
Unopened NEW
Volcano in Italy ETNA
Whale food KRILL
What Ezra's skeleton supported? FLESHOFPOUND
Young grizzly CUB
___ Altos, Calif LOS
___ Jessica Parker of TV SARAH