USA Today - Aug 25 2015

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Clues Answers
"Big" thing seen at night DIPPER
"___ so fast!" NOT
"___ who?" GUESS
1865 patent for cleanliness LIQUIDSOAP
1868 patent for authors TYPEWRITER
1904 patent for the hairy SAFETYRAZOR
Abandon DESERT
Bird's retreat NEST
Cat call MEOW
Certain Alaskan ALEUT
Chocolaty 1908 patent TOOTSIEROLL
Christmas drinks NOGS
Cold War initials USSR
Concealed shooter SNIPER
Conks out DIES
Crones HAGS
Dentist's directive SPIT
Design anew REDO
Draped Indian garment SARI
Editor's mark STET
European capital RIGA
Examine 28-Across ASSAY
Fertilized egg EMBRYO
Flightless flock EMUS
Fragrant compound ESTER
French water EAU
From the East ASIAN
Gambit PLOY
Greek consonant RHO
Grimm villain OGRE
Handles hardship COPES
Health club SPA
Helped out on a goal ASSISTED
High card ACE
Insider's language ARGOT
It's surrounded by water ISLE
Jabber YAP
Kind of lily CALLA
Clues Answers
Least cooked RAREST
Like many cars on lots USED
M.P.'s quarry AWOL
Make fit in an envelope FOLD
Make president ELECT
Makes, as money EARNS
Masters org PGA
Mrs. Lincoln's maiden name TODD
Name for a small Dalmatian? SPECK
Names, as suspects IDS
Not wide NARROW
Oscar winner Sorvino MIRA
Pay-___-view PER
Pledges of fidelity TROTHS
Poetry's Pound EZRA
Red Sea nation YEMEN
Ridges on ranges ARETES
Romanian money LEU
Round number? ZERO
Small pies TARTS
Some breads RYES
Squabble SPAT
Stat for pitchers ERA
Stimulate, as curiosity PIQUE
Stir up sediment ROIL
Strong dislike HATRED
Surgical beam LASER
The first "a" in aka ALSO
They're allowed on planes CARRYONS
U.N. agency ILO
Uncool crowd DORKS
Vein contents ORE
Victimized (with "upon") PREYED
Vivacity BRIO
Way out in the country RURAL
Wicker material OSIER
___ Paulo (Brazilian city) SAO