Universal - Aug 24 2015

Clues Answers
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"___ on down the road" EASE
Acid type AMINO
After-bath cover ROBE
Angle between stem and stalk AXIL
Angler's net SEINE
Antiperspirant's target ODOR
Arduous trips TREKS
Arizona city MESA
Balkan republic (Var.) RUMANIA
Became a smoker LITUP
Bodies in motion possess it KINETICENERGY
Boil with rage SEETHE
Bone-chilling EERIE
Boxer Griffith EMILE
Briefly unknown? ANON
BYU state UTAH
Cancels NIXES
Carnival attraction RIDE
Cars that aren't gas guzzlers TESLAS
Clapton of music ERIC
Clarinet, in slang LICORICESTICK
Condition at a garage sale ASIS
Curler's instrument IRON
Deceptions RUSES
Dentist's request RINSE
Dick Tracy's sweetheart TESS
Disney mouse MINNIE
Distance runner Sebastian COE
Do simple math ADD
Domed home IGLOO
Egyptian, often ARAB
Farm sound MOO
Forever, poetically ETERNE
Former Portuguese territory in China MACAU
Frozen rain SLEET
Clues Answers
Get hitched hastily ELOPE
Girl in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers" LEILA
Great Lakes city ERIE
Gurney pushers ORDERLIES
Hollyhock holders STEMS
Illinois River city PEORIA
Important part of history ERA
Islands in eastern Oceania POLYNESIA
Join, as with a cause ALIGN
Jungle creature APE
Like some angles ACUTE
Long car, for short LIMO
Lost no time SPED
March marchers IRISH
Medicine measures DOSES
Mighty wind GALE
Movie spool REEL
Negotiated with moguls SKIED
Not all SOME
Not mentally sound, in Seville LOCO
Pedestal figure IDOL
Performs, biblically DOEST
Pound, as a headache THROB
Pub serving ALE
Remote setting MUTE
Setting MILIEU
Showy lace loops PICOTS
Skater's jumps AXELS
Small case for pins and needles ETUI
Sounds from a pigeon coop COOS
Spanish urban quarter BARRIO
Step into character ACT
Take as one's spouse WED
Timely blessing BOON
Well-___ machine OILED
Workout activity AEROBICEXERCISE
Yellow-fleshed fruit PAPAW