L.A. Times Daily - Aug 22 2015

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Clues Answers
"60 Minutes" symbol STOPWATCH
"Live Well" retail chain GNC
"Moonshadow" singer CATSTEVENS
"Private Practice" star Kate WALSH
"Whatever!" LIKEICARE
All-inclusive ATOZ
Behind LATE
Big mouth MAW
Blind piece SLAT
Broadway role for Julie ELIZA
Castle and others IRENES
Centrifuge component ROTOR
Charts featuring houses HOROSCOPES
Circuit creators WIRERS
Circulation prefix HEMO
Current: Pref RHEO
Cutting device RAZOR
Dust Bowl victim OKIE
Effectiveness TEETH
Entrepreneur-aiding org SBA
ER workers RNS
Festive time YULE
For the time being ADINTERIM
Former White Sox manager Guillén OZZIE
French possessive TES
Get around bigtime GLOBETROT
Goalie's goal SAVE
Gram lead-in PENTA
Indian wrap SARI
It became the TV Guide Channel in 1999 PREVUE
It investigates RR accidents NTSB
Its southeasternmost county is Bear Lake IDAHO
Johnny's partner in the 2014 Olympic figure skating telecasts TARA
Clues Answers
Lake Placid's county ESSEX
Large, to some Southwesterners TEXASSIZE
Like some French vowels NASAL
Mesa __ National Park VERDE
Moves periodically MIGRATES
Muppet rat named for a movie character RIZZO
Mythological boundary RIVERSTYX
Napping ADOZE
Needle RIB
Nice relatives TANTES
Nursery item CRIB
Parent REAR
Partner of all? WARTS
Peach mutations NECTARINES
Picture taker VIDEOCAM
Purpose AIM
See 39-Across TIDE
Sluggish INERT
Smooth coat GLAZE
Special treatment TLC
Steering system parts TIERODS
Thermodynamics topic LATENTHEAT
Underlying layers SUBSTRATA
Unpopular Vietnam War-financing vehicle SURTAX
When Tony sings "Maria" ACTI
Where Rudolf of Ruritania was imprisoned ZENDA
Whiz ACE
Who __ Nation: New Orleans Saints fans DAT
Wii alternative XBOX
Winner's reward GRANDPRIZE
With 2-Down, twice-monthly phenomenon NEAP
__ Era: old name for Earth's pre-life period AZOIC