New York Times - Aug 22 2015

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Clues Answers
'A Little Bitty Tear' singer, 1962 IVES
'Can you believe that?!' WHATAJOKE
'Fat chance' IBET
'It's red magic time!' sloganeer, once HJHEINZ
'Stay, O Sweet' writer DONNE
'What-ev-er you say ...' SURE
'___ Gets Drafted' (Disney short) DONALD
1960s pop idol DAVYJONES
Arctic ___ TERN
Aromatherapy option JUNIPEROIL
Awacs component: Abbr SYS
Benny Goodman led one JAZZQUARTET
Besmirched TARRED
Bit of snark JAB
Bygone compacts GEOS
Chills, so to speak LOUNGES
Colorful item in a jar JELLYBEAN
Comedian once called the Female Bob Hope RAYE
Company with 'Long live the home' ads IKEA
Dairy giant BORDEN
Disney World's 27,000+ ACRES
Eyewitness's offering ACCOUNT
Fell for a trick BIT
Female helicopter pilot from Hasbro GIJANE
Final word of 'O Canada' THEE
Fine example PEARL
Flames on ice, e.g TEAM
Hartford-to-New Haven dir SSW
Having lost a winter coat? SHEARED
Hoodoo JINX
Hot deli orders MELTS
Inn in an inlet, say BOATEL
Is shown, as a film UNREELS
It doesn't require a paper ballot EVOTE
Clues Answers
J.F.K.'s U.N. ambassador AES
Keep flipping on the couch? CHANNELSURF
Le ___, France HAVRE
Like hives ABUZZ
Magician's word POOF
New York Post headline writer, often PUNNER
Not pass the bar? RUNAGROUND
Old-fashioned letter opener STEAM
Oliver of stage and screen PLATT
One drink, to a designated driver TOOMANY
One fixing flats? TUNER
One may get carried out IDEA
One of the Northwest Territories' official languages CREE
One playing to the balcony? SERENADER
Paper with a 'Mansion' section, for short WSJ
Part of J. K. Rowling's 'J. K.' JOANNE
Pioneering automaker BENZ
Place to learn leçons ECOLE
Programs, informally SKEDS
Rainer of 'The Great Ziegfeld' LUISE
Rump alternative CHUCK
Search facilitator INDEX
Seem to indicate BODE
Shooter with a spark FLINTLOCK
Sitcom teacher of Vinnie and Boom Boom GABE
Spring performances? IRISHJIGS
Subject for a makeup class EYESHADOW
Sunday talk show guest PUNDIT
The Spanish word 'nación' has two ENES
To whom Prospero says 'Thou liest, malignant thing!' ARIEL
Turned over CEDED
Typeface projection KERN
Vacation rental CANOE
What bows were once examples of ETIQUETTE