New York Times - Dec 10 1999

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Clues Answers
'Make ___!' (birthday cry) AWISH
'___ Restaurant' ALICES
1973 resignee AGNEW
1998 'Les Misérables' star NEESON
Appended ADDEDON
Bagpiper's wear TARTAN
Big inits. in video games NES
Bled RAN
Bridle path TRAIL
Classic object of blame-shifting EVILTWIN
Courses, in combinations DROMES
Court position: Abbr. CTR
Crude carrier OILER
Deaf talk: Abbr. ASL
Deep-six DITCH
Dickens HECK
Dwellers on the Gulf of Finland ESTONIANS
Eggs ROE
Fan's noise WHIRR
Far from humility EGOTISM
Forget for years? REPRESS
Gent SIR
Glenn Miller protégé Ray EBERLE
Globetrotters founder Saperstein ABE
Go around AVOID
Going to get INFOR
In three parts TRISECTED
Indian's neighbor NEPALI
Involve ENTAIL
It may be part of a club HAM
It may come before going EASY
Kind of concerto OBOE
Köln or Nürnberg STADT
Like a medusa TENTACLED
Linking (up) TEAMING
Mideast money RIAL
Clues Answers
Narc's find, perhaps KILO
Narc's find, perhaps LSD
One may be limited EDITION
One who takes inventory? LOOTER
Only N.L. pitcher to win four Cy Young Awards CARLTON
Order FIAT
Overexercising result ACHE
Pet store purchase CAGE
Pillboxes and such MILLINERY
Pittance DRIBLET
Pound notes? ARFARF
Proscholastic org. NEA
Provide (for) FEND
Put to rest ALLAY
QB O'Donnell NEIL
Reagan Supreme Court nominee OCONNOR
Ricky Ricardo vis-à-vis Fred Mertz TENANT
Road that leads to Rome? VIA
Salon worker COLORIST
Satellite dish producer RCA
Set for the nursery LAYETTE
Skilled in GOODAT
Sloughs FENS
Some people are convicted in it ABSENTIA
Substance GIST
System starter ECO
The Eagle that landed LEM
The first of several? ESS
They may arouse a farmer ROOSTERS
Tiny part CAMEO
Unlawful firing? ARSON
Unlike 63-Across DRY
Way to storm off IRATELY
Where Mark Twain is buried ELMIRA
Word after sand or sound BLASTER