The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,451 - Aug 20 2015

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Clues Answers
A measure of pressure for character in Greece PSI
A moment after top commander shows evidence of wound CICATRICE
Ape caught by motorway twice MIMIC
Chemical -- a rich source AMINE
Documents read out in high-class establishment RITZ
Foreigner, one adult excited when meeting Queen OUTLANDER
Go silent when energy is lost QUIT
I'm scared and submissive maiden going into hiding EEK
Impressive old city with each person ultimately wanting good living? EPICUREAN
In two short times fellows may get temporary posting SECONDMENT
It may help one give the right emphasis in speech STRESSMARK
Marble hall you will get covered ALLY
Member of house opposing fighting finally managed to limit awful mess CONGRESSMAN
Naughty trouper in dance -- nothing unseen! PRURIENT
Oily and exaggerated husband held forth CAMPHORATED
One of a musical family in group (not tenor) BACH
Clues Answers
Paper that has leading article placed towards the end AFT
Payment to landowner -- result of earthquake? GROUNDRENT
Plate full of nuts and fish served in season of August LAMMASTIDE
Poisonous snake? Ultimately nothing for a voodoo priestess MAMBO
Prisoner has unusual neurosis, I'm informed CONNOISSEUR
Relish shown by rescuer when first person�s been pulled out SAVOUR
Restraint leading to time loss DAMAGE
Revolver produced by one getting cross, hero losing head IXION
Silent gesture from vessel carrying doctor in America DUMBSHOW
Sit down with expression of surprise having consumed salt PERCHLORATE
Spooner's hut, foul for bird REDSHANK
The first person wearing a sort of strap is a woman of faith JEWESS
They followed a course for ambassador and cardinal TWENTY
We hear call to stop misery WOE
What sunbathers want? Family is demonstrating beachwear TANKINIS
With leader absent, took a risk and stole PECULATED