New York Times - Aug 16 2015

Clues Answers
'Aw, c'mon' BEAPAL
'Same here' ASDOI
'Show me' type SKEPTIC
'Skedaddle!' OUT
'Stop your nonsense!' OHPLEASE
'That's the way the cookie crumbles' ALAS
'The Two Towers' denizen ENT
'Two New Sciences' author GALILEO
'You're ___ One, Mr. Grinch' AMEAN
'___ seen enough!' IVE
*Carpenter's tool with a cord POWERSAW
*Challenge for a right-handed golfer DOGLEGLEFT
*Deep Throat's identity MARKFELT
*Dr. Seuss' genre KIDDIELIT
*Pricey wrap MINKSTOLE
*Start a construction project BREAKGROUND
*Tom Seaver, e.g NEWYORKMET
*Triple Crown winner who himself sired a Kentucky Derby winner SEATTLESLEW
*W.W. II propagandist TOKYOROSE
Actress Diana nicknamed the 'Blonde Bombshell' DORS
Al Jolson standard SWANEE
At 3,000 feet above sea level, the highest provincial capital in Italy ENNA
Back then ... or a hint to the ends of the answers to the starred clues INTHEPAST
Black rock ONYX
Black ___ OPS
Bone: Prefix OSTEO
Boondocks STICKS
Brings up REARS
Budgetary excess FAT
Catch in the North Atlantic CODFISH
Coal locale SEAM
Comment before 'Be that way!' FINE
Cooker with a dial GASGRILL
Crib strip SLAT
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Dad-blasted DRATTED
Danish king who conquered England KNUT
Different rooms in a museum, maybe ERAS
Directive in some automated messages PRESS
Dirt pie ingredient OREO
Dodger manager with two World Series rings LASORDA
Drink with spices NOG
Features of green rooms SOFAS
Fed. property agency GSA
French act FAIT
Funny-car fuel, informally NITRO
Gaping things MAWS
Giggle syllable HEE
Giovanni, in 'Don Giovanni' SERENADER
Google Wallet alternative APPLEPAY
Grieg's '___ Death' ASES
Half a Beatles title OBLADI
Having no head UNLED
Hedge clippings, grass cuttings, etc YARDWASTE
Holy Land line ELAL
Household brand name with a lowercase first letter DCON
Hunger YEN
Ideal setting for a fan HOMECOURT
Identified PEGGED
Impressed with TAKENBY
In the know AWARE
In the mail SENT
Irving protagonist GARP
Island near the Mariana Trench GUAM
It may be lined with mailboxes: Abbr RTE
It's worth 100 smackers CNOTE
Jacques who was 'alive and well and living in Paris' BREL
Clues Answers
John McCain, for one EXPOW
Kind of switch ONOFF
Köln coin EURO
Lean-___ TOS
Letter-shaped girder HBAR
Like 'Annabel Lee' among all Poe poems LAST
Like the telecast of the 1954 Rose Bowl parade, notably INCOLOR
Low voices BASSI
Lower chamber HOUSE
Luxury Hyundai AZERA
Mario who played Enrico Caruso LANZA
Morales of 'La Bamba' ESAI
Mysterious sighting YETI
N., E., W. and S PTS
Newsman David ENSOR
On the ___ (at large) LAM
Ones holding hands? ARMS
Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix film HER
Pad thai ingredient EGG
Patisserie buy ECLAIR
Pit bull biter FLEA
Places for light gatherings? ATRIA
Plants above the timberline ALPINES
Poe poem LENORE
Prefix with state TRI
Pueblo Indian rite RAINDANCE
Put on board LADE
Rejecting higher authority? ATHEISTIC
Relative of the Contour Plus ATRA
Release to the public, informally DROP
River through Bristol AVON
Rogen and Green SETHS
Russo of '30-Down' RENE
Save up AMASS
See 89-Down ATLAW
Seminary subj REL
Shout from the crow's-nest LANDHO
Single LONE
Skin conditioners TONERS
Slimming surgery, informally LIPO
Some campaign purchases ADS
Some stadium noise CHEERING
Songstress Eydie GORME
Sounds of scolding TUTS
Sports org. with the teams Sun and Sky WNBA
Stamping need INKPAD
Stars, at the Forum ASTRA
Strong sideless wagon DRAY
Suit to ___ ATEE
Sunken, as eyes DEEPSET
They hover over some icons HALOS
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Tough going SLOG
U.S.'s largest labor union, in brief NEA
Ungainly AWKWARD
Village V.I.P ELDER
Violins and violas: Abbr STRS
When repeated, an aerobics class cry STEP
White-tailed raptor ERNE
Wielder of the hammer Mjölnir THOR
Wing ELL
With 27-Down, firm figure: Abbr ATTY
With understatedness SUBTLY
___ bar TAPAS
___ cake (dim sum staple) TARO
___ Hall, shortest Harlem Globetrotter TOOTALL
___ Macmillan, 1950s-'60s British P.M HAROLD
___ shake PROTEIN