The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,880 - Aug 14 2015

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Clues Answers
Boring period in which to get sore troubled TIRESOME
Discarded actors leading a faction CASTASIDE
Distance travelled at sea creates bond LEAGUE
Draw boat by sea's edge SKETCH
Edward gets upset about historical object being abandoned DERELICT
Element that's faulty in lamp unit PLATINUM
Give a talk: 'Medical changes' DECLAIM
Grower finds sources of delight everywhere in harvest GARDENER
His ultimately old-fashioned stuff brings derision SCORN
Huff and puff about editor being a dogmatic person? PEDANT
Kind of pit with small stones left for removal GRAVE
Last character in pub always -- long time needed for drinks BEVERAGES
Mildness of one in austere period beginning to yield LENITY
Most unusual member of academy needing support RAREST
Clues Answers
Nasty mist with one getting damp MOISTEN
Number I catch -- even or odd number? NINETEEN
Number in school creating a stink STENCH
One helps get a horse strapped and bones will be broken NOSEBAND
One may help someone who finds it hard to hear gun REPEATER
One participates in matches with divided loyalties BIGAMIST
Small number entertained by English comedian being cheap ECONOMIC
Some contrary names I met in list ITEMISE
Substitute one type of material with another REPLACE
Supporter on bench following proper style FORMALLY
Thief has grabbed second dog PINSCHER
Unsettled pigs relatively well fed will do this? ROOTLESS
What's threatening from having got drunk? THEMORNINGAFTER