The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,448 - Aug 14 2015

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Clues Answers
... crack invader of old, in time, repelled Soviet Russian? THUNDER
Best businessman in America TRUMP
Books in fiction regularly trash feminists LIBBERS
Booted out after finally pressing to retire GOTOBED
Breather before battle's final thrust LUNGE
Cautious course, one I altered to head off mere guesswork CIRCUMSPECT
City in which anything old appears not good NAUGHTY
Conservative leading up-to-date revolutionary takeover (4,1'4) COUPDETAT
Contract split finds mum left on the outside SHRIVEL
European runs round clubs after swell exotic performer BELLYDANCER
Fish carried by north European river GARONNE
Flash car having stop light raised in accordance with fast race ROLLERDERBY
Issue published by company taking on yours truly OUTCOME
London street proverb about poor Oliver SAVILEROW
Clues Answers
Officer: extremely effectual ... COLONEL
Old leader isn't half likely to be blotto YELTSIN
Peacekeepers containing force mutinied? UPRISEN
Plan again, given hand without a trick RECHART
Plays with wife, at last, when husband is out getting plant TEATREE
Postpone travelling round with the Parisian urbanites TOWNSPEOPLE
Show regret, covering over bare back REVUE
Small boy, one month old, showing a certain style ARTDECO
Source exercise in a 'rowing' machine? SEEDDRILL
Spaniard's brace riding up in jumper RODRIGO
Spirit served by bar on Shetland, say, that's closing early BANSHEE
Statesman wants nothing, as it happens, to appear briefly in court BOLIVAR
Type of screen separately taken from 8 for one fixing keyboards? TUNER
Well-known brand set in stone EXCALIBUR