The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,879 - Aug 13 2015

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Clues Answers
A bash that's the opposite of friendly ASOCIAL
A host (or half of them) give up �- no depth EMCEE
Accompany some corpse's cortege ESCORT
Bet on troops being amateurs LAYMEN
Bittersweet stuff, with old Left dividing people generally MOLASSES
Cold duck I sent back in Spanish snack food TAPIOCA
Console learner disconnected to help cure failing CHEERUP
Core of schools covered by bad language syllabus COURSE
Discover mistake -- time to oust female! DETECT
Drone can put out weapons ORDNANCE
Duty to get nails, as quoted TAX
Flamboyant jumper worn by company Charlie ROCOCO
Football managers' least favourite competition? SACKRACE
Full tuna ban arranged involving Germany ABUNDANT
Grant, we hear, is cut HEW
Happy pop fans or what they're likely to be listening to OPPORTUNE
Clues Answers
Intrinsically Latin adorable hound PERSECUTE
It's biting as Spooner's sleeping? MORDANT
One beset by longing over losing head is go-getter, typically high ACHIEVER
Part of the ear we note �- this may be a trap! COBWEB
Plan for elephant keeper to be given parking avoiding hospital MAPOUT
Psychology professor making a case for pain GYP
Reduce high rent with a cut TRUNCATE
Scotch following chocolate: it could get you high AEROFOIL
Shy about once dropping round High Court CHANCERY
Stress causes regret regularly ASSERT
Surplus Sun deliveries OVERS
Sycophant undergoes change of heart but provides hot drink TODDY
The altogether bald head NAKEDNESS
This might make you laugh: old school pudding is served up and there's no end to it GAS
Wedding is sore point when bride's top goes missing UNION
Yearn for change after smart deception CHICANERY