Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 14 2015

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Clues Answers
Acerbic channel has third play on good book TRENCHANT
Address for fashionable old writer INSCRIBE
Bitterness over space for parking in queen's area and beyond BIGAPPLE
Charged - with journalist? DASHED
Cover for one doctor-nurse INSURE
Cynthia drops in from the marina YACHT
Extremely loud corny type finds little in one of the images EARSPLITTING
Finish off perhaps, as Rocky lacks heart before the sound of the bell UNENDING
Go with last two characters from 3 down to get closer MOVEIN
Got the dish from one of the worst places GHETTO
Graduate covers up rant from Seal dropping ecstasy - it's what one with pride is brought up to be BRAVEASALION
Has bars for old musical type CELLO
Insolvency over direction one takes leads to quarrel RUNIN
Irate shy model causes major alarm after Mass HYSTERIA
Clues Answers
Is left behind with nothing at The Strand for Scarlet Pimpernel (4-1'-3-4) WILLOTHEWISP
Is used to get drunk father around city in northern Syria ALEPPO
It's not necessary, as prior position superfluous REDUNDANT
It's where small quantities of wine end up on release, mistakenly - pints too! SPITTOON
Joey's now a butcher with a Spanish-sounding name? As if! NOWAYJOSE
Moron cut short ponytail after college - it was driving him mad! IDIOCY
Nag in point-to-point walloped last fence? It's something you'd associate with that other yoke! EGGWHITE
New gardenia has it's own way of removing excess water DRAINAGE
One of the green types sells beer for the vegetarians SALADBAR
Run a piece rewritten by bon vivant EPICUREAN
Say goodbye in Lyon to Polish leaving audiophiles ADIEU
Silly thing on gear covers up Sleeping Beauty NIGHTCLOTHES
Small place in sorting centre for holding things that are broken SPLINT
That is in the ship, thank you, for the rest in Barcelona SIESTA