- Aug 9 2015

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Clues Answers
''Even __ speak . . .'' ASWE
''Play it, Sam'' speaker ILSA
''__ Lang Syne'' AULD
''__ Mio'' OSOLE
12 bottles, often CASE
27th President TAFT
Actress Anderson PAMELA
Ancient pyramid builder AZTEC
Angry outburst TIRADE
Antioxidant berry ACAI
Aped a kitty MEWED
Author Anita LOOS
Avoids SHUNS
B├ęchamel, for one CREAMSAUCE
Benefit SAKE
Bhutan's continent ASIA
Blue SAD
Body shop inventory SPRAYPAINT
Boston course SCROD
Bottom of the barrel DREGS
Bowl over AWE
Boxing matches BOUTS
Brainy bunch MENSA
Brawny athlete SHOTPUTTER
Bring up RAISE
Butter portions PATS
Camera setting AUTO
Camera setting FSTOP
Campus military org ROTC
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Capital since 1960 BRASILIA
Catch some z's SLEEP
Caustic cleaners LYES
Chase-scene staple COPCAR
Cheer for a diva BRAVA
Chickens' place COOP
Circle stat RADIUS
Clammy DANK
Cookout remnants ASHES
Cries of surprise OOHS
Denounces DAMNS
Disposed (to) PRONE
Distiller Walker HIRAM
Dolt SAP
Domelike structures CUPOLAS
Down at the final buzzer BEATEN
Draw new borders REMAP
Draws in sports TIEGAMES
Earth tones TANS
Endangered African RHINO
Envelope attachment CLASP
Exercise, for short CARDIO
Feathered missile ARROW
Feathered missile DART
Final authority SAYSO
Fine horse ARABIAN
Fishing spot PIER
Flaky rock SCHIST
Florida theme park EPCOT
Former Fords, for short MERCS
Frolicked PLAYED
Furrier John Jacob __ ASTOR
Germ-free STERILE
Golf gimmes TAPINS
Got ready to bloom BUDDED
Government bond, e.g LIQUIDASSET
Great care PAINS
Greenish blue AQUA
Guitar gizmo CAPO
Gunky stuff CRUD
Clues Answers
Gym count REPS
Hat feature BRIM
Honeycomb part CELL
In the city URBAN
Iraqi port BASRA
Jazz genre BEBOP
Knight fights JOUSTS
Lampoon MOCK
Lasting marks SCARS
Laziness SLOTH
Legal claim LIEN
Les __-Unis ETATS
Loitering, say IDLE
Made like some hammerheads DROPFORGED
Maestro Seiji __ OZAWA
Makeup items POWDERPUFFS
Martini garnish OLIVE
Mentor of Thoreau EMERSON
Miff IRK
Mints in a roll CERTS
Missouri River feeder OSAGE
Mount Fuji locale JAPAN
Moving ASTIR
Mythical craft ARGO
Notorious emperor NERO
Numbered hwys RTES
Ones with iPads TABLETUSERS
Oslo Accords grp PLO
Out-and-out UTTER
Outgo COST
Parched ARID
Parisian pal AMI
Pince-__ glasses NEZ
Pizzazz OOMPH
Place-setting pieces FLATWARE
Place-setting pieces PLATES
Planetary layer CRUST
Poplar trees ASPENS
Pub choice STOUT
Regarding INRE
Rural folk RUSTICS
Salute of a sort TOAST
San __, CA MATEO
Scents ODORS
SeaWorld performer SHAMU
Sector AREA
Shepherd's comment ARF
Sitter's tormenter IMP
Slugger's successes RBIS
Small squabbles SPATS
Spill the beans BLAB
Sport-shirt feature PATCHPOCKET
Summer Games org IOC
Sunlit courts ATRIA
Tee near the clubhouse TENTH
Test software version BETA
The whole shebang ATOZ
Tickle AMUSE
Top of a wave CREST
Toteboard numbers ODDS
Traffic jam sounds HONKS
Tried to rip TOREAT
Vagabond NOMAD
Very, in music ASSAI
Vexatious ones PESTS
War of 1812 treaty site GHENT
Was in session SAT
Weekly show SERIES
World banking org IMF
__ tai (cocktail) MAI