L.A. Times Daily - Aug 7 2015

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Clues Answers
"CHiPs" actor ESTRADA
"Don't __" ASK
"Hate to be the one to tell ya" FRAIDSO
"I've been __!" HAD
"Then must you speak / Of one that loved not wisely but too well" speaker OTHELLO
"What a kidder!" OHYOU
"Women and Love" author Shere HITE
1997 Nicolas Cage thriller CONAIR
19th-century novel with the chapter "How They Dress in Tahiti" OMOO
Aftermarket item ADDON
Alamogordo event ATEST
Allen contemporary PAAR
Alternative to gas OILHEAT
Bit of lore MYTH
Blathers YAPS
Bracketology org NCAA
Brewing vessels TEAPOTS
Cherbourg chum AMI
Company TROOP
Court long shots THREES
DVD extras, perhaps ALTENDINGS
Evict TOSS
Fergie's given name SARAH
First state, in a way ALABAMA
For kicks INFUN
Frequent e-Filers CPAS
Handicapper's option EXACTA
Handle indelicately PAWAT
Hardly team players CTRLFREAKS
Hold forth OPINE
Iditarod sight SLEDDOG
Imaginary playmate in a Neil Diamond title SHILO
Inflates improperly PADS
Invades RAIDS
Jam ingredients? AUTOS
Kindle download APP
Clues Answers
Lamentations WOES
Latin being ESSE
Letters from Greece ETAS
Like a flibbertigibbet DITSY
Mennen skin product AFTA
Modernist's prefix NEO
More than gloomy MORBID
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Nurses at a bar SIPS
Old West transport STAGE
Ones getting away often ESCARTISTS
Order BOSS
Org. issuing nine-digit numbers SSA
Parts of Polynésie française ILES
Peter, pumpkinwise EATER
Place to see part of 17-, 29- and 45-Across PCKEYBOARD
Rap name adjective LIL
Ready PREP
SEC concern IPO
Shaq, for eight seasons LALAKER
Shaver LAD
Smelting intermediary PIGIRON
Some tees XLS
Sound of lament SOB
Suddenly became interested SATUP
Super __: game console NES
That ol' boy's HISN
That, in Spain ESA
They have strings attached APRONS
Twinge PANG
Unpleasant look SNEER
Upscale retail chain SAKS
Wave catcher? EAR
Wool variety ANGORA
Wrenches TEARS
Yodeler's range? ALPS