USA Today - Aug 4 2015

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Clues Answers
"Don't bet ___!" ONIT
"Once ___ a time . . ." UPON
A-line line SEAM
Adam and Kanye WESTS
Altar avowal IDO
Animal that beats its chest APE
Auto damage DENTS
Baby grand, e.g PIANO
Bean counter, for short CPA
Bit of football gear KNEEPAD
Boar's mate SOW
Bread as a blotter SOP
Brings about, biblical-style DOEST
Castrated rooster CAPON
Clothing, informally TOGS
Clowns BOZOS
Come to terms AGREE
Contents of some barrels OIL
Corn serving EAR
Cowpoke's pal PARDNER
Deceived LEDON
Deep, as a voice LOW
Deep-six SCRAP
Dickens' Heep URIAH
Do-it-yourselfer's purchase KIT
Don't just seem ARE
Drama set to music OPERA
Drug smuggler's measures KILOS
Economy, for one SIZE
Emulate a ghost HAUNT
Flat-bottomed fishing boat DORY
Frosts, as a cake ICES
Full of energy PEPPY
Funny duet? ENS
Genetic info carrier RNA
Giggle sound TEHEE
Clues Answers
Grasslands LEAS
Grocery-store section DAIRY
Have an effect IMPINGE
Heavy overcoat ULSTER
Historic beginning? PRE
Horned African beast RHINO
In accordance with ASPER
Intense rage IRE
It has four quarters ONE
It may be kosher DELI
Jumps on one leg HOPS
Layer with a "hole" OZONE
Line of seats ROW
Low pair DEUCES
Made likeable to the general public POPULARIZED
Mantra of an electrician? OHM
Moves upward RISES
Neurological disorder CHOREA
One-man band performances SOLI
Particle in a quark model MESON
Place for raising seafood FISHERY
Radio host's exhortation TUNEIN
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Send out, as troops DEPLOY
Sherlock Holmes and the like PIPESMOKERS
Small fruit seed PIP
Some chess pieces BISHOPS
Some kiddie entertainment PUPPETSHOWS
Sport-___ (off-road vehicle) UTE
State known for potatoes IDAHO
Stop introducing evidence REST
Stopped lying? AROSE
The last of 38-28-38 HIPS
They're brilliant GENII
Useful UTILE
White-collar crime investigators follow them PAPERTRAILS
Workout unit, briefly REP