New York Times - May 10 1997

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Clues Answers
'Crusade in Europe' author, familiarly IKE
'The Spanish Tragedy' dramatist KYD
40's theater director James NESI
60's sitcom that had a whistled intro, with 'The' YGRFITHSHOW
Abominable Snowman YETI
Alpine elevator TBAR
Billboard listings HITS
Black INKY
Cause of a fly's demise WEB
Chevy rival OLDS
Circumference AMBIT
CompuServe service EMAIL
Corset part STAY
Crawl WORM
Dark ___ AGES
Deviation at sea YAW
Durable wood LARCH
Elliptical TERSE
Familiar five-word phrase that means 'Excuses are unacceptable!' NOSSORS
Farm team OXEN
Heavy-duty kitchen implement CHERKNE
Idiot boxes TVSETS
Keypad key ENTER
Least sweet DRIEST
Like some diseases VIRAL
Like The Citadel, now COED
March V.I.P. STPAT
Mariner's dir. SSE
Maze word START
Metier TRADE
Milk snake ADDER
N2O, e.g. GAS
Ninny ASS
Not on deck BELOW
Otherwise ELSE
Place for a pig PEN
Clues Answers
Place for a pig POKE
Place to hold a banquet roast? OVEN
Prepare to share DIVIDE
Press on IMPEL
Psychology I EGO
Put on ice TABLED
Put on the line RISK
Rather stout FATTISH
Rebound ECHO
Recreational four-wheeler, for short ATV
Reinstates STETS
Remain in an uncertain state HOVER
Roe source SHAD
See 17-Across GIRL
Sheik's peer EMIR
Smart CHIC
Southwestern sight MESA
Staffers AIDES
Stash for cash, briefly IRA
Struggles VIES
Sugar substitute? DEAR
Swear word OATH
The Constitution, e.g. SHIP
The way and the path TAOISM
They might be zapped ADS
This might be in for the long haul SEMI
Thurman et al. UMAS
Tiptop ACME
Troublemakers IMPS
Turnoff EXIT
Type of type ELITE
Unsavory MTV cartoon duo BEAVISTHEAD
What a 'choosy mother' might pack for lunch JPEANUTTERSWICH
Where Shoshone Falls falls IDAHO
Wing it ADLIB
Winter Palace residents TSARS
Wit Bombeck ERMA
With 35-Down, a birth announcement ITSA
___ vu DEJA