The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 2,805 - Jul 19 2015

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Clues Answers
A ring held by me, say, for marine mammal SEAOTTER
Arbitrates about professional payments, including royalty REFEREES
Back to old part of wing for medical check SECONDOPINION
Cast aside, lives in part of Ireland DISOWN
Central part of study about rent was instructive TUTORED
Covering a riot that's disrupted part of North America ONTARIO
Create a single international gang boss in the US CAPONE
Doctor entering saw, for instance, a gambling activity TOMBOLA
Expression of surprise from England, oddly enough EGAD
Gathering fruit from some climbers � how mad can one be? HOPPING
Glass vessel preferably placed outside church SCHOONER
Go back to clergyman shortly before I get behind on support REVISIT
He rings the changes as politician in action, and goal's revised CAMPANOLOGIST
Hide resentment of a kind, mostly before staff returns ENVELOP
Clues Answers
Imaginative American writer leading movement out of control POETIC
Limited energy provided during cut in building EDIFICE
Make prediction for aircraft going over speed of light PROJECT
Making arrangements I perform musically with instrument ORGANISING
Much admired man getting that woman's love HERO
Person who has designs on others' bodies? TATTOOER
Potter about before armistice arranged CERAMICIST
Powerful politician that's initially backed MP PRIMEMINISTER
Signs left out of things like this CUES
Some ride sidesaddle for day after day like this IDES
Two non-alcoholic drinks that can be bought in bars MILKCHOCOLATE
What's valued about a monarch that's insecure PRECARIOUS
Working in working group, for example, inserting one page in small piece PARTICIPLE
Writer Thoreau revised with no end of patience AUTHOR