The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,440 - Jul 31 2015

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Clues Answers
A show of reducing captive population's surveillance? BIGBROTHER
All-round experts brewing malty hops POLYMATHS
An objection to touch ABUT
British monarch comprehending Irish quipster's puzzle BEWILDER
Church warning signal is hollow CHAMBER
Dismiss letter read out in fit of passion ACCESS
Dogs and Man, say, one inferior, carrying tail forward ISLES
Drain that's essential to sniff at, I guess FATIGUE
Fact regularly buried in incomplete computer memory printout? DATUM
Feel sorry for doing wrong, being confined again? REPENT
Flanders battle site scattered Rouen dead OUDENARDE
Having excess embellishment in various colours holds installer up PRETTIFIED
Left almost too much to be sold on LOVE
Maybe floats over in French river are freezing out OSTRACISE
Clues Answers
More orderly foreign gentlemen detained by judge? TRIMMER
Most inadequate wages brought happiness FEEBLEST
Separate sulphur in faintly glowing coal DISMEMBER
Smoke-covered skin of brill or flounder FUMBLE
Socialist faction was already gone, outflanking Republican HARDLEFT
Spanish agreement, liberal and pretty clearly resounding SILVERY
Sports car bringing 22 back in a flash GLINT
Stop recalling short fashion FORGE
Stopping upcoming prophet, a bit underhand, without compunction REMORSELESSLY
Suppressors of dissent for all that concocted plot to kill in US THOUGHTPOLICE
Surround six within energy corporation in scandal ENVIRON
The cloth tax behind skimpy dresses MINISTRY
Turn of Britain and NI to stand by oil exporter KUWAIT
Tutor prepared scripture class for martyr TORTURE