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Clues Answers
'Curses!' DRATIT
'Fifth qtrs.' OTS
'Frozen' heroine ELSA
'It's enough to live on' IGETBY
'The Barber of Seville' composer ROSSINI
'You bet, amigo!' SISI
'You win' ILOSE
-- -tac-toe TIC
-- bad way INA
-- Kong HONG
-- kwon do TAE
-- Obispo, California SANLUIS
-- Paulo SAO
-- Stanley Gardner ERLE
180 degrees from NNE SSW
1985 Chevy Chase film FLETCH
Actor Milo OSHEA
Actor Seagal STEVEN
Actress Petty LORI
Ad award CLIO
Apple buy MAC
Armada ship GALLEON
Arrange in steps GRADATE
Baseball exec Bud SELIG
Beat at eBay OUTBID
Boundary bushes HEDGE
British record co EMI
Bullring cries OLES
Cain and -- ABEL
Camping gear retailer REI
Carry along TOTE
Cello's ancestor VIOL
Church gift TITHE
Comics 'menace' DENNIS
Cow catcher RIATA
Dangerous African fly TSETSE
Dazzles AWES
Debt slip IOU
Denials NOS
Desert plants CACTI
Detectives SLEUTHS
Ding-a- -- LING
Direct a sermon at PREACHTO
Drinking site BAR
Drooling hounds BASSETS
Ending for Nepal ESE
Federation LEAGUE
First step of progress ATOB
Fix, as a shoe part RESOLE
Flamboyant flamenco entertainer CHARO
Former Saturn SUV VUE
Fur king John Jacob -- ASTOR
Gallivant ROVE
Get rancid ROT
God, in the Hebrew Bible ELOHIM
Gossipy Barrett RONA
Grassland LEA
Heat's city MIAMI
Hollywood's Eastwood CLINT
Howl in grief ULULATE
In itself ASSUCH
Indonesia's basic currency unit RUPIAH
Iris relatives, for short GLADS
Jeans go-with TSHIRT
Job follows it ESTHER
Joint beneficiary COHEIR
Kiddie-song letters EIEIO
Kin of -trix ETTE
Kin of Ltd INC
Kind of navel OUTIE
Clues Answers
Kind of navel INNIE
Look on one's face VISAGE
Low opera voices BASSOS
Lung-related prefix PNEUMO
Makes mad IRES
Mister SIR
Moo goo -- pan GAI
National dish of Korea KIMCHEE
Not active INERT
Nova -- (Halifax native) SCOTIAN
Oerter and Unser ALS
Old emperor TSAR
OR figures RNS
Ozone-depleting compound, for short CFC
Paddle's kin OAR
Paint applied thickly IMPASTO
Pathetic LAME
Popular font ARIAL
Potted tree BONSAI
Primatologist Fossey DIAN
Resistance unit OHM
Response to news you already knew about SOIHEAR
Ring legend ALI
Road's shoulder BERM
Rolaids, e.g ANTACID
Romania's basic currency unit LEU
Roth -- IRA
Sailor lurer LORELEI
See 119-Across TSE
Seemingly spontaneous public assembly FLASHMOB
Sharp rival RCA
She-bear, in Spanish OSA
Sine qua -- NON
Singer Flack ROBERTA
Singer Ric of the Cars OCASEK
Sitcom cousin ITT
Slate clearer ERASER
Snare NET
Social finish? ITE
Sole male offspring ONLYSON
Spanish hero of yore ELCID
Spine parts DISKS
Statistician Silver NATE
Step part RISER
Suspect's excuse ALIBI
Tanning lotion spec SPF
Temperate MILD
Texas city near El Paso SOCORRO
The Andes, e.g.: Abbr MTS
The, to Hans DAS
The, to Henri LES
Time on end AEON
Totally dumb ASININE
Trompe -- (visual illusion) LOEIL
Turn -- dime ONA
TV's O'Donnell ROSIE
Tyke's hauler WAGON
U. senior's test GRE
University life ACADEME
Upper limb ARM
Viroid stuff RNA
Vojvodina native SERB
Wallet bills TENS
Wet blanket DRIP
With 101- and 123-Across, how to find the hidden answer READTHEDIAGONAL
With 127-Down, China's -- -tung MAO
With 41- and 60-Across, question whose answer is hidden in this puzzle WHATAMUSEMENT