Wall Street Journal - Jul 24 2015 - July 24, 2015 - Three Squares

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Clues Answers
'Can you dig it?' reply IMHIP
'Forget it!' IXNAY
'Return of the Jedi' critter EWOK
'Solaris' author Stanislaw LEM
'The True North strong and free' CANADA
'Try me' ASK
'We Got the Beat' group GOGOS
'___ Carousel' (hit from the Hollies) ONA
*Cleated sneakers, a soccer ball, etc PENALTYKICKGEAR
*Item that might consist of bits cut out of magazines? BLACKMAILLETTER
*Oatmeal served with a silver spoon? LUXURYHOTCEREAL
*Person sitting next to a heckler, e.g.? CATCALLWITNESS
*Product of a smoker's hobby? CIGARBANDCOLLECTION
*Sound often followed by oohs and aahs? FIRECRACKERBOOM
*Spot where you might offer tips for bowlers? HATCHECKWINDOW
1980s Pakistani president ZIA
2,240 pounds IMPERIALTON
Abducting org. of 1974 SLA
Affaires de coeur AMOURS
Anaphylaxis treatment, for short EPI
Andean people INCA
Andean transport LLAMA
As is fitting DULY
As stated by PER
Ayatollah's ruling FATWA
Bach's Partita No. 3 ___ major INE
Back talk LIP
Ballet practice LEAPS
Barbershop request TRIM
Bond poster BAILSMAN
Boulevard planting ELM
Bounder CAD
Brass component ZINC
Briefly INSUM
Cantor from Virginia ERIC
Capture SEIZE
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Charles's sister ANNE
Chicago paper, familiarly TRIB
Civil war setting since 2011 SYRIA
Comfortable ATEASE
Computer introduced in 1985 AMIGA
Cookie-baking quantity BATCH
Cooking oil CANOLA
Cry from 13-Across DOH
Crystal or Rock COMEDIAN
Cut unceremoniously AXE
Distinctive ideologies ISMS
Do a number SING
Doctor's visit outlay COPAY
Drug-free CLEAN
Early outcast EVE
Enya's music NEWAGE
F1 neighbor ESC
Fashionably fancy HAUTE
Fig. coveted by identity thieves SSN
Financier MONEYMAN
Five-time Super Bowl champs NINERS
Francais, par exemple LANGUE
Future leaf BUD
Garfield or Taft OHIOAN
Gin flavoring SLOE
Glove leather KID
Good for Guillaume BIEN
GOP fighter DEM
Grassy expanse LEA
Handbag feature CLASP
Hanker for WANT
Harder to come by RARER
Have a bawl SOB
Clues Answers
He begins as 'a very good little elephant' BABAR
He Who Must ___ Named (Lord Voldemort) NOTBE
House work? ACT
Indignant exclamation INEVER
Iniquity SIN
It comes between Oscar and Quebec in the phonetic alphabet PAPA
Jittery state PANIC
Just fine AOK
Justice Kagan ELENA
Knocks off ROBS
Largest word on a buck ONE
Least populous state: Abbr WYO
Leia's love HAN
Lifeguard, at times RESCUER
Like anchors at work ONCAMERA
Like the fox-hunting set HORSY
Marbles, essentially ORBS
Mawkishness BATHOS
Michael Strahan feats SACKS
Mimics APERS
Minutemen's sch UMASS
Mother of Tiberius LIVIA
Mother Teresa's mother tongue ALBANIAN
Music for the masses HYMN
Networking equipment giant CISCO
Novel idea? STORY
O, at times HUG
Oracle SEER
Parental warning DOASISAY
Parenthesis, essentially ARC
Pea or peanut SEED
Penetrating KEEN
Piccolo played by James Caan BRIAN
Place that has lots to offer MOVIESTUDIO
Pond problem ALGAE
Putin's former employer KGB
Removed APART
Request from a photographer BIGSMILE
Rudimentary principles ABCS
Scala of 'The Guns of Navarone' GIA
Scope out OGLE
Scopes out EYEBALLS
Scotland's Awe, e.g LOCH
See 1-Down HOMER
She followed Guthrie at Woodstock BAEZ
Shoelace alternative VELCRO
Sidestep, as a question EVADE
Snack for a flicker ANT
Sofia Coppola, to Talia Shire NIECE
Spaniards' spending EUROS
Square that can follow each of the three words in each starred answer BOX
Stadium section TIER
Starting point for a hang glider CLIFF
Stimulus GOAD
Summit meeting? RANGE
The whole amount ALL
Their business is picking up CABS
Tibetan transport YAK
Tick off RANKLE
Type that tilts: Abbr ITAL
Vehicle whose name means 'wasp' VESPA
Vein contents ORE
Walker's need LEASH
Was useful AVAILED
Weather report source, for many APP
What unscrupulous people lack MORALS
Writer Turgenev IVAN
___ Aviv TEL