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Clues Answers
'-- aboard!' ALL
'-- date!' ITSA
'1984' author ORWELL
'Blue' beer brewer LABATT
'Falling Skies' star Noah WYLE
'Hee --' HAW
'Hi, amigo' HOLA
'Lady Love' singer Lou RAWLS
'No One' singer Keys ALICIA
'One thing -- time!' ATA
'That's -- -brainer!' ANO
'Wise' birds OWLS
-- Alex (racehorse) AFLEET
-- avail (futile) TONO
-- Mahal TAJ
-- rest (inter) LAYTO
-- worse than death AFATE
16th-century Italian poet TASSO
24 hours -- ADAY
A B vitamin FOLATE
Account TALE
Activate, as a light switch TURNON
Actor Gilliam STU
Actor's job ROLE
Against ANTI
Aged, quaintly OLDE
Alda or Bean ALAN
Anat., e.g SCI
Arena strata TIERS
Arm bone ULNA
B'way site NYC
Banana part STEM
Beat soundly ROUT
Became irate GOTMAD
Bits of physics IONS
Blew a fuse RAGED
Boundaries ENDS
Brits' coins PENCE
Bronx area with a historic cemetery WOODLAWN
California observatory site PALOMAR
City south of San Diego TIJUANA
Class seat DESK
Clinic for getting clean REHAB
Clouds up BEFOGS
Code-cracking org NSA
Coin producers MINTERS
Cold one BREW
Comment on, as in a margin ANNOTATE
Conceive of IDEATE
Conductor Sir Georg -- SOLTI
Cussed SWORE
Dads' lads SONS
Debate need TOPIC
Deli hero HOAGY
Divinity GOD
Division of the Roman army LEGION
Dog cry YELP
Downton Abbey, e.g ESTATE
Eagle nests AERIES
Ephron or Roberts NORA
Eye ring AREOLA
Farewell act SWANSONG
Favorable aspect UPSIDE
Feed holder SILO
Fighting fish of Asia BETTA
Final, e.g TEST
Flattened at the poles OBLATE
Clues Answers
Flower anew REBLOOM
Foxy SLY
Frittata need EGG
Greek T's TAUS
Grind, as one's teeth GNASH
Haile Selassie follower RASTA
Head, to Hélène TETE
Heavenly food? MANNA
Heretofore ERENOW
How many TV shows are now shown INHD
In -- hurry ABIG
Inert gas NEON
Involuntary wink, maybe TIC
Kobe's home JAPAN
Land surrounded by water, in Italy ISOLA
Leg reflex KNEEJERK
Lie in the sun BASK
Love, to Yves AMOUR
LP speed stat RPM
Man in Eden ADAM
Math branch TRIG
Miss, in Meuse: Abbr MLLE
More loved DEARER
Not at all, old-style NOWISE
Old verb suffix ETH
One lacking pigment ALBINO
Onetime Pan Am rival USAIR
Online protocol for remote log-in TELNET
Out of -- (amiss) KILTER
Pines (for) ACHES
Places to live ABODES
Planted SOWN
Plato was his disciple SOCRATES
Prefix with dose or watt MEGA
Preminger of film OTTO
Quiet 'Hey!' PSST
Razor brand ATRA
React to sticker shock GASP
Reparations for wrongs ATONEMENTS
Riddle, part 4 COMMUNITY
Ring rock GEM
Rolls- -- (ritzy rides) ROYCES
Sainted king of Norway OLAFII
Sarcastic cry of sympathy OHBOOHOO
See or smell SENSE
Set- -- (rows) TOS
SFO guess ETA
Silent assent NOD
Site for a bite CAFE
Slangy suffix with switch EROO
Some bank holdings LIENS
Spiny plants CACTI
Start of a riddle WHATFAMOUSNOVEL
Strength of a chemical solution TITER
Struck disk GONG
Swenson of 'Advise & Consent' INGA
Ump's call halfway to a walk BALLTWO
Unevenly notched, as a leaf EROSE
Very many ATONOF
Wife of Fred Mertz ETHEL
Windy City air hub OHARE
Wolf down DEVOUR
Wolfed down ATE
Writer Ferber EDNA
Writer Victor HUGO