USA Today - Jul 21 2015

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Clues Answers
"Forget about it!" DONTEVENGOTHERE
"Long, long ___ . . ." AGO
Acquire knowledge LEARN
Adder, for one SNAKE
All excited AFIRE
Ancient Greek lyric poet SAPPHO
Author Rice ANNE
Average guy SCHMO
Bad place to be lost MIDDLEOFNOWHERE
Barely beat EDGE
Be in pain ACHE
Beach benefits? TANS
Big-ticket ___ ITEM
Black-tongued dog CHOW
Brightly colored fish OPAH
Cherish spiritually ENSOUL
Choir accompanier ORGAN
Climactic intro? ANTI
Craving URGE
Cross to bear ONUS
Croupier's customer BETTOR
Doomsayer's sign OMEN
Double-reed player OBOIST
Elevated ground UPLAND
Far from splashy DRAB
Fix, as stones in cement EMBED
Fly like an eagle SOAR
German conductor Klemperer OTTO
Has a change of address MOVES
He can't bear anyone MALE
Heathen PAGAN
Home on the plains TEPEE
Hurled THREW
Joint problem GOUT
Kind of house on campus FRAT
Kind of talk SMALL
Clues Answers
Kitchen attire APRON
Large, tawny feline PUMA
Like some consequences DIRE
Loose rock debris SCREE
Makes warm HEATS
Montana city HELENA
Motley, as a crew RAGTAG
Music's "March King" SOUSA
Musical chairs goal SEAT
Neither this ___ that NOR
Not "fer" AGIN
Online novel EBOOK
Ostrichlike bird RHEA
Pantry pest ANT
Pasture animals EWES
Pitfall TRAP
Property crime THEFT
Put a premium on VALUE
Put off, as a motion TABLE
Quiet "Check this out!" PSST
Quilt part PATCH
Separate, as laundry SORT
Ship of 1492 NINA
Skylit courtyards ATRIA
Soft, thick lump GLOB
Stops presenting evidence RESTS
Tangelo kin UGLI
Timely benefit or blessing BOON
Top of the heap ACME
Units of work ERGS
What stainless steel doesn't do RUST
White-tailed coastal birds ERNS
Word of respect to a lady MAAM
Word with "high" or "Georgia" TECH
Young hog SHOAT
___ cotta TERRA
___ Khan AGHA