- Jul 19 2015

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Clues Answers
'' 'night, Mother'' playwright MARSHANORMAN
''Anna Christie'' playwright EUGENEONEILL
''Crimes of the Heart'' playwright BETHHENLEY
''CSI'' procedure DNATEST
''Driving Miss Daisy'' playwright ALFREDUHRY
''Glengarry Glen Ross'' playwright DAVIDMAMET
''If I Only Had a Heart'' singer TINMAN
''Picnic'' playwright WILLIAMINGE
''Same here'' DITTO
''Silence of the Lambs'' director DEMME
''Six-pack'' muscles ABS
''The Birthday Party'' playwright HAROLDPINTER
''The Piano Lesson'' playwright AUGUSTWILSON
''The Zoo Story'' playwright EDWARDALBEE
''True West'' playwright SAMSHEPARD
''You can __ horse . . .'' LEADA
''You've got mail'' co AOL
1 Across images BLIPS
Actually INTRUTH
Alternatively ELSE
Alternatives to Sealys SERTAS
American Legion members VETS
Audi competitors BMWS
Be bold DARE
Be situated LIE
Boars and bulls MALES
Boone's nickname DANL
Burgeoned GREW
Carries on WAGES
Casual shirt TEE
Certain school group FISH
Chair supports ARMS
Chisholm Trail end ABILENE
Cinnamon sources BARKS
Clashing ATWAR
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Columnist Molly IVINS
Comes to terms AGREES
Compass pt NNE
Congestion locale SINUS
Corporate higher-up EXEC
Cosmetics regulator FDA
Cow catcher LASSO
Cup edge LIP
Data-sending device MODEM
Den __, Nederland HAAG
Descendant SCION
Do without SPARE
Dress carefully PREEN
Dubliners' dance JIG
Ending for nickel ODEON
Expectation exclamation OHBOY
Flamboyant surrealist DALI
Flowing rock LAVA
For a spell AWHILE
Fox hunting cry TALLYHO
Freshen RENEW
Frisbee maker WHAMO
From Cork IRISH
Gear tooth COG
German interjection ACH
German mathematician RIEMANN
Golden-__ corn EARED
Had a sword fight DUELED
Hamlet and family DANES
Hamster cousins GERBILS
Handy person DOALL
Hard-to-please actress DIVA
House addresses ORATIONS
I love: Lat AMO
Clues Answers
Insect of fable ANT
Ivy League school PENN
Judging, with ''up'' SIZING
Klee contemporary ERNST
Landed ALIT
Language ending ESE
Less ornamented BARER
Library stamp DATER
Midwest oil center TULSA
Miles away AFAR
Mixed greens SALAD
Money in Iran RIALS
Nissan rival HONDA
Nothing at all NIL
Overflow TEEM
Pair in ''magnesium'' EMS
Phone feature REDIAL
Photo tints SEPIAS
Plane tracker RADAR
PlayStation rivals WIIS
Pollen spreaders BEES
Pop singer Mann AIMEE
Popped BURST
Printer supply INK
Radiator sounds HISSES
Rarefied THIN
Reverend Jackson JESSE
Run under water RINSE
S&L payment INT
Salon colorants HENNAS
Savvy about ONTO
Scatters SOWS
Sci-fi sighting UFO
Scrooge MISER
Sculpted form TORSO
Sector ZONE
Senate president BIDEN
Senior members DEANS
Sewing lines HEMS
Shopping plazas MALLS
Simmers slowly STEWS
Singer Frankie or Cleo LAINE
Skating leaps AXELS
Slow tempo LENTO
Small amount IOTA
Source for cedars LEBANON
Southeast Asian language MALAY
Span of time ERA
Stable sound NEIGH
Stags' mates DOES
Stalemate IMPASSE
Start over with REDO
Stevenson who faced Eisenhower ADLAI
Subatomic particles MUONS
Submit a paperless return EFILE
Swimwear name SPEEDO
Tavern order ALE
Teachers' degs EDDS
Tennis great Goolagong EVONNE
Top-level Scouts EAGLES
Tot's question WHY
Trip to the plate ATBAT
Uneasy feeling DREAD
Venerable news service UPI
Wear down ERODE
Well-thought-out REASONED
When compared to THAN
Words from the sponsors ADS
Ye __ Shoppe OLDE
__ the crack of dawn UPAT
__-Xer GEN