L.A. Times Daily - Jul 17 2015

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Clues Answers
"Pure, stripped down" genre, per Tommy Ramone PUNKROCK
"Terribly strange" age in Simon & Garfunkel's "Old Friends" SEVENTY
"What an exhausting day!" AMIBEAT
"Whip It" rockers DEVO
"__ Got Tonight": 1983 hit duet WEVE
"__ you finished?" ARE
"¿Qué __?" PASA
*Geologic danger SINK
*Hardware insertion point SCREW
*Home security device PEEP
*It offers an ocean view PORT
*Means of evasion LOOP
*Orca feature BLOW
*Sci-fi shortcut WORM
*Serengeti gathering place WATER
*Stephen Hawking subject BLACK
Absentee NOSHOW
Alpine air YODEL
Anticipatory times EVES
Architectural projection EAVE
Art museum works, usually ORIGINALS
Backslides REVERTS
Bar __ TAB
Big name in air conditioning TRANE
Blood __ CLOT
Business VIP EXEC
Cancels the launch ABORTS
Checker, e.g DISC
Chevy subcompact AVEO
Choice array MENU
Choice array LIST
Clay, nowadays ALI
Climber's refuge BASECAMP
Colorado tributary GILA
Division symbols OBELI
Domingo forte ARIA
Echolocation user BAT
Everything but the liquor SETUP
F1 neighbor ESC
Clues Answers
Fills with cargo LADES
Gets in one's sights, with "to" LOCKSON
Goldilocks complaint TOOBIG
Handy assortment GADGETS
ICU connections IVS
Increase RISE
Landscaping shrubs YEWS
Makers of wood pulp nests WASPS
Medical unit CAPSULE
Midway alternative OHARE
Monthly pmt ELEC
More than adequately WELL
Neopagan gathering COVEN
Nepal currency RUPEE
Obi, e.g SASH
Order outfit HABIT
Petulance SPLEEN
Pounding tools SLEDGES
Pro and mini MACS
Protein-rich bean SOYA
Quick round ... and, collectively, what the answers to starred clues lack NINEHOLES
Reproductive cell OVUM
Salad bar morsel OLIVE
Sci-fi author/editor del Rey LESTER
Spectator sport since the Edo period SUMO
Stadium in St. Pete, with "The" TROP
State as accurate AVOW
Steaming state IRE
Swaying walk WADDLE
Takes back to REMINDSOF
Terrible AWFUL
Unburden RID
Veto NIX
Word associated with a light bulb AHA
Yosemite grazer ELK
__ on the back APAT