Universal - Jul 16 2015

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Clues Answers
"Dig in!" EAT
"Much ___" ("Thanks") OBLIGED
"Sayer" attachment SOOTH
"To what do I ___ the pleasure?" OWE
"To ___ is human ..." ERR
"___ say!" ILL
100, in Italy CENTO
Above ATOP
African antelope GNU
Airspace monitor RADAR
An untruth LIE
Angel's item HALO
Arid DRY
Based on sound thought LOGICAL
Block, at the bar ESTOP
Blueprint MAP
Branch of the U.N ILO
Bunk COT
Capt.'s guess ETA
Car engine necessity OIL
Casbah headgear FEZ
Comebacks RETORTS
Cook crabs or clams STEAM
Deli meat SALAMI
Do damage to MAR
Do over, as a manuscript REWRITE
Domicile ABODE
Early NBA rival ABA
Elizabethan collar feature PLEAT
Female gamete OVUM
Florida attraction WARMWEATHER
Fourth in a list of 12 APRIL
Having lost effervescence STALE
Hipbone-related ILIAC
Holography need LASER
Hot sauce TABASCO
In the manner of ALA
Inconsistent ERRATIC
Clues Answers
Isn't a benchwarmer PLAYS
Jai alai ball PELOTA
Kentucky college or its town BEREA
Like Rubik's puzzle CUBIC
Los ___, Calif GATOS
Make a full confession OWNUP
Many hang from ceilings MOBILES
Move unsteadily TEETER
Mysteriously spooky EERIE
Nest egg component, briefly IRA
Nighttime, poetically EEN
On guard ALERT
Once known as NEE
One finishing second LOSER
One of the Gallo brothers ERNEST
One who puts you in your place USHER
Opportunities, so to speak DOORS
Palme ___ (Cannes award) DOR
Plastic shoelace thingie AGLET
Poetic pasture LEA
Pound inmate MUTT
Principle or belief DOGMA
Putting on DONNING
Related by blood KIN
Russian warplane MIG
Sharp, as pain ACUTE
Singer Corinne Bailey ___ RAE
Skylit courts ATRIA
Some lectures MILDREBUKES
Some Madison Avenue workers ADMEN
South American monkey TITI
Split asunder RIVE
Spot for some hockey faceoffs NEUTRALZONE
Straight off the butcher block RAW
Stubborn beast MULE
Tidy lotto prize COOLMILLION
To return? FRO
Twinings' offerings TEAS
Workshop items TOOLS