- Jul 15 2015

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Clues Answers
''Get outta here!'' SHOO
''Step on it!'' HURRY
''That's awesome!'' GEE
Alicia Keys' instrument PIANO
Alternatively ELSE
An additional cost EXTRA
Approximately ABOUT
Aroma ODOR
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Barber's obstacle EAR
Black-and-white dolphin ORCA
Bowl over AMAZE
Boxing venues ARENAS
Brought on board HIRED
Cancel, at 64 Across ABORT
Cherry center PIT
Complain, so to speak MOAN
Conifer, for example TREE
Did karaoke SANG
Diploma recipient GRAD
Dog breeders' org AKC
Don't beat around the bush GETTOTHEPOINT
Edit further, as a film RECUT
Embedded, as tiles INLAID
EMTs' destinations ERS
Flight-board abbr ETA
Frog cousin TOAD
Go wrong ERR
Golf teacher PRO
Growth period PHASE
Handed out cards DEALT
Hawaii's coffee region KONA
Hawk cousin EAGLE
Identical SAME
In addition ALSO
Just sitting around IDLE
Kiddie-pool user WADER
Clues Answers
L.A. Wolfgang Puck eatery SPAGO
Lowlife SLEAZE
Lunch bread RYE
Meadow LEA
Midmonth day IDES
Mission Control org NASA
Noticed SAW
Notion IDEA
Novelist Joyce Carol __ OATES
Oil cartel OPEC
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
One living abroad, for short EXPAT
Org. for GPs AMA
Org. for seniors AARP
Part of an ice age GLACIALPERIOD
Pilfered STOLE
Pleasant NICE
Potted plant's place LEDGE
Prefix like mono- UNI
Prefix meaning ''all'' OMNI
Propelled a dinghy OARED
Racetrack postings ODDS
Really ought to SHOULD
Recliner, e.g CHAIR
Republicans, informally THEGOP
Roll-call response HERE
Sees eye to eye AGREES
Smitten INLOVE
Solid precipitation HAIL
Sparkling wine center ASTI
Sprang up AROSE
Stir to action PROD
Talk like Daffy Duck LISP
Trivial complaint NIT
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
What's typical NORM
Young lady LASS
__ and aahs OOHS
__ borealis AURORA