Canadiana - Dec 31 2007

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Clues Answers
America's org. OAS
Ancient Greek city ELEA
Arab overgarment ABA
Askew AWRY
British Columbia mountain pass WAPITI
Cacophonous NOISY
Came to roost ALIT
Cookie OREO
Dance movement STEP
Defeated UNDONE
Dress SARI
Each ALL
Entity UNIT
First name in espionage? MATA
From L to P MNO
Guido note ELA
Hockeyist Bobby, for one ORR
Hoi polloi LAITY
Inflict WREAK
Jai _____ ALAI
Manitoba island ELK
Misery WOE
Moralist PRIG
Musical notation TONE
Narcotic OPIATE
Northwest Territories mountain range HORN
Objectives AIMS
Old world buffalo ANOA
Ontario lake FAWN
Ontario river MOOSE
Clues Answers
Orange pekoe, for one TEA
Organic compound ENOL
Out's opposite INS
Palm leaf paper OLA
Periods of abstinence FASTS
Poisonous snake COBRA
Pouch SAC
Rage IRE
Receptor EAR
Requires NEEDS
Rocky hill TOR
Roman emperor NERO
Salt, in St Pierre SEL
Saskatchewan lake ANTELOPE
Saskatchewan lake REINDEER
Saskatchewan town ANTLER
Saskatchewan village HART
Shark's Nolan OWEN
Sickness, in Ste Anne MAL
Snooze NAP
Some field goals? NOGOOD
Sputnik's path ORBIT
Start the bidding OPEN
Subside EBB
Taxi CAB
Teen dance HOP
Tibetan buffalo YAK
Triumphant exclamation AHA
Walkways AISLES
Weary of excess CLOY
Went to the bottom SANK
____ Marie STE