Universal - Dec 29 2007

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Clues Answers
''Hud'' director Martin RITT
''If ___ be so bold'' IMAY
''What's Hecuba to him, ___ to Hecuba'' (Hamlet) ORHE
''You bet!'' in Yucatan SISI
''___ a Little Tenderness'' TRY
''___ y plata'' (Montana's motto) ORO
A couple of words from Santa HOHO
Actress Sue ___ Langdon ANE
Afrikaans (with ''the'') TAAL
All ___ up (agitated) HET
Arboretum specimens TREES
As a result THUS
Bangkok residents THAIS
Beatty of ''Network'' NED
Beginning of greed or a cure? PEDI
Brick bearer HOD
Bronte heroine EYRE
Buck follower? AROO
Business school course, briefly ECON
Cable choice TNT
Co-star of Bolger and Haley LAHR
Contract addition RIDER
Crumbly deposit MARL
Delphi figure ORACLE
Does lawn work RESODS
Egypt and Syria, 1958-1961 (Abbr.) UAR
Encourages EGGSON
End of a Stein line AROSE
End of the quote HEARSOMUCHABOUT
Enlistment TOUR
Exclamation of disappointment SHOOT
Fancy ties ASCOTS
Fashion designer Bill BLASS
Freshman, probably TEEN
Galway Bay's ___ Islands ARAN
Gillette model ATRA
Hispanic American LATINO
Hot glower EMBER
Clues Answers
Hullabaloo TODO
It regained independence in 1991 ESTONIA
Keats and others ODISTS
Kind of dealer ARMS
Kind of soup OXTAIL
Light submachine guns STENS
Like a fen MARSHY
Likewise TOO
March adjustment, briefly DST
Monkey's uncle, maybe APE
Moreno, the actress RITA
Multipurpose truck, briefly UTE
Nibble NOSH
Nostalgic quote (Part 2) OLDDAYSTHENEXT
Nostalgic quote (Part 3) GENERATIONWILL
Old Dodge OMNI
One involved in litigation SUER
One reason for an R rating GORE
Ostrich's cousin EMU
Polite refusal NOSIR
Prefix meaning ''bird'' AVI
Relating to the nervous system NEURAL
Sad item, for short OBIT
Samoa's capital APIA
Secondhand USED
Shack HUT
Show affection (with ''on'') DOTE
Song for two DUET
Sonia of ''Moon Over Parador'' BRAGA
Sonny and Cher, once BONOS
Start of a nostalgic quote THESEARETHEGOOD
Stone the director OLIVER
Type of garage TWOCAR
Whig opposer, in Britain TORY
Whisper sweet nothings COO
Yellowfin tuna AHI
___ of Tranquillity SEA