Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 13 2015

Clues Answers
2003 Civil War movie COLDMOUNTAIN
A billion years EON
Any time now SOON
Aspic creation MOLD
Aware of ONTO
Buckeye State OHIO
Calendar abbr TUE
Carolina college ELON
Carries on RAGES
Corpulent STOUT
Cover LID
Creche trio MAGI
Cushion PAD
Decorate Easter eggs DYE
Diamond stick? BAT
Do as you're told OBEY
Dog's hand PAW
Eastern potentate AMIR
Enjoying greatly INTO
Excessively TOO
Feathery neckpiece BOA
Felonious flights LAMS
Greek vowel IOTA
Gun the engine REV
Hasenpfeffer, e.g STEW
Hawaiian island OAHU
Incite URGE
Intention AIM
iPod model NANO
Jason's ship ARGO
Kimono closer OBI
Knitting stitch PURL
Loosen UNDO
Clues Answers
Lubricate OIL
Malt shop setup SODAFOUNTAIN
Mamie's man IKE
Marry WED
New Zealand bird KIWI
Not pre-recorded LIVE
On the (discreetly) DOWNLOW
Oxidation result RUST
Pair TWO
Pale WAN
Perch SIT
Pontifical PAPAL
Prosperous period BOOM
Rodents do it GNAW
Sailor GOB
Santa's runway ROOFTOP
Satchel BAG
Series of skirmishes WAR
Shredded TORNUP
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Small ammunition BBS
South American prairies PAMPAS
Squad TEAM
Stench ODOR
They get in the whey CURDS
Time of your life? AGE
United nations BLOC
Unruly group MOB
Varnish ingredient LAC
Wager BET