Wall Street Journal - Dec 28 2007 - December 28, 2007 - Out Is In

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Clues Answers
'Babi ___' (poem by Yevtushenko) YAR
'City of the Beasts' author Allende ISABEL
'Don't worry' ITSOK
'Drop ___ line' MEA
'Face the Nation' airer CBS
'Forget it!' NODICE
'Give ___!' ('Try!') ITAGO
'Off the Court' writer ASHE
'Queenie' writer Michael KORDA
'Rock and Roll, Hoochie ___' KOO
'The heat ___!' ISON
'Toodle-oo!' SEEYA
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
'What ___ now?' ISIT
'What's the ___ Wond'rin'?' ('Carousel' song) USEOF
'___ cost you!' ITLL
'___ Delivery Service' (1989 anime movie) KIKIS
A, abroad UNE
All-inclusive prefix OMNI
Amex alternative OTC
Architect Pei's first name IEOH
Awards rarely won by agoraphobics? OUTDOORPRIZES
Ballerina's pivot TOE
Barbecue sound SSS
Best quarters at the Waldorf? OUTSTANDINGROOM
Bitter, say COLD
Bizarre OUTRE
Boneheaded THICK
Braga of 'Moon Over Parador' SONIA
British Columbia neighbor IDAHO
Brooklyn-born surgeon general DRKOOP
Bullring bravo OLE
Callisto's TV foe XENA
Cider girl of song IDA
City of sparkling wines ASTI
Clan emblem TOTEM
Clinton's attorney general RENO
Combs and Connery SEANS
Common connections ANDS
Course division UNIT
Course lists MENUS
Cut canines TEETHE
Decision maker at home UMPIRE
Delete temporary files from one's computer? OUTSMARTCOOKIES
Disencumbers RIDS
Equatorial pest TSETSE
Eucharist items WAFERS
Everett of 'Citizen Kane' SLOANE
Everglades waders EGRETS
Fake fat brand OLEAN
Fantastic UNREAL
Ferrari's parent company FIAT
Fishing poles RODS
Flu epidemics traced to redcaps? STATIONOUTBREAKS
Foil's kin EPEE
Give a darn CARE
Govt. security TBILL
Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Greetings from Santa HOHOS
Grenoble ground TERRE
Halloween critter BAT
Head set? EARS
Here, to Henri ICI
Hockey players, in the sports pages ICERS
How some sardines are packed INOIL
Immigrant from Japan ISSEI
Imposes FOISTS
Jazz combo staples SAXES
Kansai Airport setting OSAKA
Clues Answers
Khrushchev's favorite steakhouse? OUTBACKINTHEUSSR
Koko Head setting OAHU
Last: Abbr. ULT
Letters in a familiar refrain EIEIO
Levi's rival LEE
Like rococo art ORNATE
Luau bowlful POI
Lucy of 'Kill Bill' LIU
Magna ___ CARTA
Man of Pisa UOMO
Man with manors LORD
Manner of speaking IDIOM
Mark time WAIT
Middle East bigwigs EMIRS
Miff IRK
Milhouse's pal BART
Minor decline DIP
More downbeat DARKER
Nabokov novel ADA
Nasal membranes SEPTA
New computer of 1985 AMIGA
Newfoundland explorer CABOT
Nobel-winning Japanese prime minister SATO
Not live TAPED
O'Connor's successor ALITO
Occupation TRADE
Oldsmobile model ALERO
One of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' MASHA
One of those things? THAT
Org. for part-time soldiers USAR
Org. for Tiger PGA
Outdo TOP
Paint finish SATIN
Pastoral poem IDYLL
PC doctor TECH
Permit ALLOW
Physical advantage for a shoplifter? THELONGARMOFTHEOUTLAW
Picasso with a jewelry line PALOMA
Pizza slice, often EIGHTH
Place where the going is tough? BLEAKOUTHOUSE
Platte River people OTOE
Player of Ness and Earp COSTNER
Prefix for 62-Down OTO
Price performance OPERA
Racket DIN
Red-bearded god THOR
Resistance measures OHMS
Results of a Knick knack? LAYUPS
Retort to 'Are not!' AMTOO
Rude gesture SNOOK
Rustic setting LEA
Simile center ASA
Snack food choice MIXEDNUTS
Some like it hot TEA
Sounds from a feeder CHIRPS
Speechless ATALOSS
Stodgy UNHIP
Strip for laughs COMIC
Tabloid lawyer's worry LIBEL
Tailor's pleats TUCKS
Tennis pro Dementieva ELENA
Ticket word ADMIT
Tough-guy actor Ray ALDO
Trent's family LOTTS
USN enlistee YEO
Verb suffix IZE
Veto NIX
Virtues MERITS
Welfare SAKE
___-X GEN