- Jul 5 2015

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Clues Answers
''Jabberwocky'' starter TWAS
''Rats!'' OHNO
''The world's favorite cookie'' OREO
''__ dreaming?'' AMI
86 Down appendage ANTENNA
Actor Penn SEAN
Actress Hatcher TERI
Aesthetic endeavors ARTS
Ancient Andean INCA
Apollo 11's Eagle, for one LEM
Bar mixer SODA
Big bankrolls WADS
Big name in escalators OTIS
Bird-feeder filler SUET
Bit of irony TWIST
Border on ABUT
Breakfast fare HASH
Bring up REAR
Bugling beast ELK
Bulgarian or Croat SLAV
Caterpillar, for one LARVA
Clever tactic PLOY
Coffee from Hawaii KONA
Corrals PENS
Country in Argo IRAN
Credit-union offering LOAN
Cruise quarters CABINS
Denis of Rescue Me LEARY
Designated NAMED
Disney's Little Mermaid ARIEL
East Berlin's nation: Abbr GDR
Elbow counterpart KNEE
Engender BREED
Enticement ALLURE
Excellent FINE
False witness LIAR
Father of Austin Powers NIGEL
Faux pas SLIP
Fixes firmly SETS
Footlocker TRUNK
Footnote abbr ETAL
Fragment PIECE
Frequent E-filer, for short CPA
From Italian for ''amateur'' DILETTANTE
From Italian for ''baked earth'' TERRACOTTA
From Italian for ''chatterer'' CHARLATAN
From Italian for ''distorted'' CARICATURE
From Italian for ''entrepreneur'' IMPRESARIO
From Italian for ''forty days'' QUARANTINE
From Italian for ''growing'' CRESCENDO
From Italian for ''little middle'' MEZZANINE
From Italian for ''make public'' MANIFESTO
From Italian for ''springboard'' TRAMPOLINE
Frozen-waffle brand EGGO
Furthers in felonies ABETS
Gems from Australia OPALS
Genesis craft ARK
Give a hoot CARE
Go for the gold COMPETE
Great exertion TOIL
Hair-salon sound SNIP
Hitch in a plan SNAG
HS junior's exam PSAT
Huge amount TON
Ill temper SPLEEN
In a sneaky way WILILY
In former days ONCE
Insults, so to speak DISSES
Jazz singer Cleo LAINE
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Julius Caesar garment TUNIC
Life story, for short BIO
Clues Answers
Loafed around LAZED
Long, long times EONS
Looks sneakily PEEKSIN
Make a prison break BUSTOUT
Make sense ADDUP
Man of the hour HERO
Medium's ability ESP
Midwest metropolis OMAHA
Militarize ARM
Millinery wares HATS
Miserly MEAN
Modeling wood BALSA
Montréal affirmative OUI
More than enough AMPLE
Move laterally SIDLE
Movie snack-bar gadget POPPER
Mozart genre OPERA
Necklace part BEAD
Not so knotty EASIER
Okra portions PODS
One in a bee SPELLER
Online discussions CHATS
Opinion piece ESSAY
Opposite of ''Sorry!'' SUEME
Otter cousin MINK
Out-and-out UTTER
Page number, to printers FOLIO
Physicist Mach ERNST
Place to bike PATH
Places for picnics PARKS
Poland's main seaport GDANSK
Pony up ANTE
Poor, as excuses LAME
Posh residence MANOR
Predicament MESS
Prefix for virus ANTI
Pressure meas PSI
Property claims LIENS
Pulls strings PLUCKS
Quill-filled SPINY
Quixote pursuit QUEST
Reel or jig DANCE
Rope material HEMP
Sales circuit ROUTE
San Francisco's __ Hill NOB
School attended by Orwell ETON
Sheets served at seders MATZOS
Short-tempered TESTY
Six-legged animal INSECT
Skirt feature PLEAT
Sling mud at SMEAR
Sonata finales CODAS
Song syllables LALA
Speak one's mind OPINE
Staked shelter TENT
Strand at a chalet ICEIN
Successors of lire EUROS
Take five REST
Ten-percent donation TITHE
Tibetan priest LAMA
Tips of planes NOSES
Trample underfoot STEPON
Tropical eel MORAY
Type of evergreen FIR
Unruly hair MOP
Villain's look SNEER
Warm and welcoming HOMEY
Where a film falcon was from MALTA
Where Hawkeyes live IOWA
Wild guess STAB
Wish undone RUE
Withdraws, with ''out'' OPTS
Zesty dip SALSA