USA Today - Jul 3 2015

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Clues Answers
"Blowin' in the Wind" singer Bob DYLAN
"Guinness World Records" suffix EST
"Let it stand" STET
"What are the ___?" ODDS
Abominable snowman YETI
About ORSO
Abstain from alcohol TEETOTAL
Abundant AMPLE
Acquired family member INLAW
Be theatrical EMOTE
Beasts of burden OXEN
Bleat BAA
Bunch SCAD
Carpet layer's calculation AREA
Check STEM
Classic excuse for male misdemeanors BOYSWILLBEBOYS
Common cookie OREO
Company hotshot EXEC
Compatibility connecting device (var.) ADAPTOR
Contraction for more than one WEVE
Corpulent OBESE
Develop, as a habit FALLINTO
Emulated Pinocchio LIED
Everglades bird EGRET
Feather in one's cap? PLUME
Flemish painter of zaftig women RUBENS
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Gangland gals MOLLS
Geraint's lady ENID
Get on in years AGE
Give off, as perspiration EGEST
Group around a campfire, sometimes GIRLSCOUTTROOP
Home of blocks? IGLOO
It may follow four or six, but not five TEEN
Jacuzzis SPAS
Jason's craft, in myth ARGO
Clues Answers
Legendary singer Ross DIANA
Like a stuffed shirt SMUG
Like some track meets or exhausts DUAL
Linen color ECRU
Longest river NILE
Lumberjack's tool AXE
Made a fast stop? ATE
Michigan's ___ Canals SOO
More costly DEARER
More than annoyed GALLED
Mountaineer's tool ICEAX
Mythical blood of the gods ICHOR
Narc's arrest BUST
No longer fashionable OUT
October sign LIBRA
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
One to grow on? ACRE
Perform penance ATONE
Persian sprite PERI
Placed at intervals SPACED
Plunderer's take SWAG
Pond buildup ALGAE
Puget Sound city TACOMA
Saigon's place, for short NAM
Shore birds GULLS
Shuts tightly SEALS
Slower than presto ALLEGRO
State firmly AVER
Sydney citizen, informally AUSSIE
Trapezoid or circle, e.g SHAPE
Tree knots BURLS
Type of insurance AUTO
Type of tide NEAP
Very, in music ASSAI
Walk with heavy steps TROMP
Wholly absorbed RAPT
___ record (make history) SETA