Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jun 30 2015

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Clues Answers
Amenable as model works overseas ABLESEAMAN
Centralised African capital in bar at golfing organisation BANGUI
Dashes off a lot with paper arriving ahead of the rest ESSAYIST
Drives the dogs in winter around Mullaghanish MUSH
Figured it out? The accountant did it! CALCULATED
Flying CIA airlift is unreal ARTIFICIAL
Free travel is a concern of 22 across REEF
Gate play entertains important executive - as a device it's ingenious GADGET
Have a look at the French second striker - mightn't be good enough to tie one's laces EYELET
I ran out of picnic area on top of the mountain ICECAP
It's a long story cut short in English Institute EDIT
Local tea is nothing fancy for those praying for something better in the army CHAPLAIN
Looking back, Frenchmen entertain the foreign bishop from Spain as a symbolic symbol EMBLEM
Makes a mess of signals from awful sad miser MISREADS
Clues Answers
Manage Mastermind? ENGINEER
Most of 8 across is on tick reportedly - how theatrical is that DRAMATIC
One is not expected to blink perhaps - it's an obsession FIXATION
One of the stunning views of the abbey - it reflects castle when the sun is going down DRAMATICSETTING
One of those with flawed pedigree starts to measure up to talent MUTT
Rafael shortly rings back if it's useful for a bit of weaving RAFFIA
Rejects painting by university graduate - it comes as a shock TRAUMA
Right little hoodlum falls over doctor and yours truly with more than a little muscle RHOMBOID
Robert Mugabe on the fringes of cover-up? ROBE
Round of seasonal work CYCLE
Set up time of release EMIT
Speculation after match leads to analysis of competitive decision-making GAMETHEORY
They should be on the stage in Madras working DRAMAS
Tories to worry one of those enjoying a slower pace of life TORTOISE