USA Today - Jun 23 2015

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Clues Answers
"And there you are!" VOILA
"Don't bet ___!" ONIT
"Don't go!" STAY
"Get a load of that!" WOWIE
"Get ___ of yourself!" AHOLD
"It's ___ ever wanted!" ALLI
"Not to mention . . ." ALSO
"Raiders of the Lost ___" ARK
"Shane" star Ladd ALAN
"Would ___ to you?" ILIE
"Yes" signal NOD
$20 bill dispenser, briefly ATM
A psychic may sense it AURA
Act without thinking SHOOTFROMTHEHIP
Adjusts, as a clock SETS
Afro and perm DOS
Any thing ITEM
Application initials DOB
Apprentice period INTERNSHIP
Back, front and Scotland YARDS
Bard's "always" EER
Big name in piracy KIDD
Bond, for one AGENT
Casting need REEL
Chilling ONICE
Classic introduction? NEO
Common request RSVP
Communicate silently SIGN
Compete VIE
Congers EELS
Cookbook directive STIR
Corbeled window ORIEL
Dewy-eyed one NAIF
Diffident SHY
Does a seafood restaurant chore SHUCKSOYSTERS
Drinks on the drink GROGS
Empty a boat, in a way BAIL
Clues Answers
Exclamation of satisfaction GOOD
Exhausted, as one's strength SAPPED
Eyelid affliction STYE
Feed-bag contents OATS
Firecracker sounds BANGS
Garb for old senators TOGA
Genesis garden EDEN
Gets on a train BOARDS
Gift in one state LEI
Go-___ (mini-racer) KART
Hacienda hand, perhaps PEON
Has visions DREAMS
High deg PHD
Inclined SLOPED
Kind of bean LIMA
Letts live here RIGA
Lots of land ACRES
More in need of liniment ACHIER
Most upstanding or dependable SOLIDEST
Nevada city RENO
Opera highlight ARIA
Orange coat RIND
Ostrich relative EMU
Patent subject, often DEVICE
Picture pitcher EWER
Rescue craft LIFEBOAT
Rounded mass GLOB
Seed husk ARIL
Soaked up with bread SOPPED
Some are inert GASES
Some works by Michelangelo FRESCOES
Start of a Spanish cheer VIVA
Surpass another OUTDO
Talked back to SASSED
Talked-about times ERAS
Tool used in embroidery DARNINGNEEDLE
Western chasers POSSE