New York Times - Jun 16 2015

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Clues Answers
'Late Show' broadcaster CBSTV
'No ___!' MAS
'Shake ___ Feather' (1967 R&B hit) ATAIL
'To Live and Die ___' (1985 action thriller) INLA
'___ disturb' DONOT
+: Abbr POS
18-Across topper CHEESE
19-Across topper HOTFUDGE
60-Across topper MARINARA
61-Across topper ONIONS
7-0 baseball victory, e.g SHUTOUT
Alternative to the elevator STAIRS
Ballpark offering HOTDOG
Bill the 'Science Guy' NYE
Blues musician ___ Allison MOSE
Brooklyn hoopster NET
Car in a Ronny & the Daytonas song GTO
Cooking medium CANOLAOIL
Cousin of a mallard SCAUP
Cousin of catalán ESPANOL
Cultural fads MEMES
Dinners for G.I.s MRES
Doggie POOCH
Ed of 'Elf' ASNER
End of a professor's address EDU
Entourage POSSE
Europe/Asia border range URALS
Fast-food offering BURGER
French playwright Jean GENET
Hairy hand PAW
Headbanging music METAL
Hindu meditative rituals TANTRA
Hosp. hookups IVS
I.R.S. datum SSN
Impasse LOGJAM
Implied TACIT
Intrinsically: Lat PERSE
Clues Answers
It might accompany a wave in Waikiki ALOHA
Its head is in a bucket, often MOP
Long way to explain something INDETAIL
Louisville-to-Atlanta dir SSE
Menu reassurance NOMSG
Message from Smokey Bear, e.g., for short PSA
MGM Grand setting VEGAS
Michael of 'Juno' CERA
Mr. ___ ('Three's Company' role) ROPER
Multilevel military readiness system DEFCON
Nabokov novel ADA
Orange Muppet ERNIE
Oz visitor TOTO
Paintball cry IMHIT
Picoult with the 2004 best seller 'My Sister's Keeper' JODI
Place-kicker's aid TEE
Prankster's weapon WATERGUN
Product with Air and Mini models IPAD
Protection AEGIS
Race, as an engine REVUP
Rehab candidates USERS
Ruby parts of some hummingbirds THROATS
Sayings of Jesus LOGIA
Sheltered ALEE
Social reformer Jacob RIIS
Soda shop offering ICECREAM
Storyteller REGALER
They're next to some records ASTERISKS
Throwaway part of an apple STEM
Toondom's Pepé ___ LEPEW
Trattoria offering RIGATONI
Unease AGITA
Union goal RAISE
University wall covering IVY
What a surfer catches WAVE
Who says? SIMON
Working in the mess hall ONKP
Year, in Uruguay ANO