L.A. Times Magazine - Dec 23 2007

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Clues Answers
"I'm ___ few words" AMANOF
"Immediately if not sooner!" PRONTO
"Telephone Line" grp. ELO
1980s Attorney General MEESE
Actress McClanahan RUE
Actress Neuwirth BEBE
Actress North SHEREE
Adjective for Playboy, once GIRLIE
Advantage EDGE
Air force? GALE
Après antonym AVANT
Author Carr CALEB
Bathtub filler? GIN
Be miserly HOG
Big house PEN
Bleach can do it WHITEN
Blow-up: Abbr. ENL
Breakfast order HASH
Bridge capacity unit TON
By way of VIA
Call bad names REVILE
Car with a four-rings logo AUDI
Catches SNAGS
Cecil ___ Mille BDE
Christmas color GREEN
City on the Rhine BONN
Clause's cousin PHRASE
Comedic Dame EDNA
Comic drama by Mozart DONGIOVANNI
Commuting option BUS
Completely ATOZ
Connect RELATE
Cooked by browning and then simmering BRAISED
Crazy as ___ ALOON
Criticizes sharply ZINGS
Darn, e.g. SEW
December, e.g. MONTH
Diminisher ABATER
Doing a laundry chore over REFOLDING
Dressage wear RIDINGBOOTS
Drink plenty of these, say doctors FLUIDS
Early evictee ADAM
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Enumerate COUNTOFF
Extra-close attention? TLC
Field of Dreams setting IOWA
First name in golf ARNIE
First name in tennis ILIE
Get back on REBOARD
Golden rule word OTHERS
Golden, for one AGE
Got ready for a showdown STRAPPEDONGUNS
Govt. jobs prog. estab. in 1973 CETA
Had in mind MEANT
Hall of a sort: abbr. AUD
Harris et al. EDS
Hillary's job: abbr. SEN
Icer's cousin GLAZER
In the cellar LAST
Intended to attend PLANNEDONGOING
JAG's original home CBS
Japanese dog AKITA
Jeopardy! heading CATEGORY
Kitchen detergent target BAKEDONGREASE
Lamb Chop's lady SHARI
Land of the giants BROBDINGNAG
Lawn tool RAKE
Like Pinocchio's relationship to Geppetto SONLIKE
Clues Answers
Like War and Peace LONG
Long-time Mississippi politico LOTT
Loyal pooch FIDO
Major melees RIOTS
Make over REDO
Make scholarly revisions in EMEND
Meat buys LOINS
Michael Douglas in Wall Street GORDONGEKKO
Neil, Robert, and Sean YOUNGS
Norman Vincent's family (and an apt answer in this puzzle) PEALES
Of blood HEMAL
On cloud nine ELATED
One seeking what's rightfully his or hers CLAIMANT
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Org. eyed by e-traders NYSE
Oscar de la ___ RENTA
Outlaw BAN
Part of a Tom Wolfe title BONFIRE
Part of an ex-U.N. chief's name GHALI
Part: Abbr. SEG
Platte River Indian PAWNEE
Pound sound ARF
Princess topper TIARA
Printing units EMS
Prophet addition ESS
Push, in a way PROD
Put an A on GRADE
Really hot SCALDING
Reunion attendee ALUM
Rich chocolate FUDGE
Sacred poem PSALM
Salesman's handout CARD
Sandwich relatives WRAPS
See 85 Across NOW
Shopaholic's problem SPENDING
Side of the story ARGUMENT
Similar AKIN
Slot-machine symbol LEMON
Smoking alternative? NON
Snoop PRY
Solidarity guy LECH
Some Cornhuskers OMAHANS
Some docs GPS
Some museum pieces OILS
Southwest Airlines, on the 61 Down LUV
Stronger-smelling GAMIER
Tack on ADD
Tampa sch. USF
The staff of life BREAD
The Sun Devils: abbr. ASU
The Time Machine race ELOI
Tolkien tree beings ENTS
Type of trapshooting SKEET
Uncle on Seinfeld LEO
Unexciting BLAND
Union agreement? IDO
Vacuum strength SUCTION
Very dry, as Champagne BRUT
Wade foe ROE
Where Carefree is: abbr. ARIZ
Wild bunch HORDE
With it HEP
Word omitted from road signs ARE
___ & Stitch LILO
___ best friend MANS
___ Dhabi ABU
___ Man Write My Epitaph LETNO
___ My Co-Pilot GODIS