New York Times - Jun 10 2015

Clues Answers
'Beau ___' GESTE
'Gimme Shelter' band ROLLINGST
'Hogan's Heroes' setting STALAG
A lot of Top 40 music POP
Academy newbie PLEBE
Aid in a scam, e.g ABET
Angry outbursts BLOWUPS
Ant horde ARMY
Bipedal Aussies, informally ROOS
Bollywood garment SARI
Bone-related OSTEAL
Builds a wing, say ADDSON
Campus newbies FROSH
Checks out, in a way OGLES
Classic roadside logo name with red lettering in a blue oval ESSO
Coastal inlet RIA
Cookies in 'Wonderfilled' ads OREOS
Covert W.W. II org OSS
Decompose, as a stump ROTOUT
Dendrologists' concerns TREES
Dish in many a cook-off CHILI
Dish-drying cloths TEATOWELS
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Encircle with a belt GIRD
Faddish 1960s jacket style NEHRU
Flutie of football DOUG
Footwear sometimes carried to work HEELS
Glaswegian 'Gee!' OCH
Head table's place DAIS
Histories PASTS
Île surrounder EAU
Important number on Downing Street TEN
Lack of musical ability NOEAR
Like some rye SEEDLESS
Martinez of the 1996-2001 Yankees TINO
McCartney and Jagger, for two SIRS
Newswoman Curry ANN
Not that great SOSO
Clues Answers
Oil from rose petals ATTAR
Once-popular TV serial set in Oakdale, Ill ASTHEWTURNS
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
Onesie wearer TOT
P, on campus RHO
Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary YARROW
Precisely TOATEE
Promoted a new CD, say TOURED
Queens airport inits LGA
Referential words ASTO
Regatta foe of Radley ETON
Reminders of a lashing WELTS
Revitalizing snooze POWERNAP
Ride on which to try for a brass ring MEGOROUND
Rio ___ (Amazon feeder) NEGRO
Rogen of 'The Interview' SETH
Rue ___-Catherine (main commercial street of Montréal) STE
Sch. whose sports fans shout 'Geaux Tigers!' LSU
Scientific calculator function ANTILOG
Set in place LAID
Shampoo introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1947 PRELL
Siesta times: Abbr AFTS
Skirt embellishment TRIM
Some Eurasian deer ROES
Textile machinery of old SPINNINGWHE
The 'I' in E. I. du Pont IRENEE
The Bruins' Bobby ORR
To God, in hymns DEO
Tusker in a Beatles title WALRUS
Un-debugged software version, perhaps BETA
Unease, Woody Allen-style ANGST
Washstand vessel EWER
Waters off the Korean Peninsula YELLOWSEA
Williams of 'Game of Thrones' MAISIE
Word processing command SORT
Words of surprise OHS
Words on a check PAYTO
___ rug AREA