Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 15 2015

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Clues Answers
' Karenina' ANNA
' Lang Syne' AULD
'Scat!' SHOO
'The Cosby Show' role THEO
9-Down, for one TREE
And others (Lat.) ETAL
Ardor ZEAL
Assess RATE
Authorize EMPOWER
Beauty pageant ID SASH
Bound LEAP
Bullring bravo OLE
Cabbage salad SLAW
Came to Earth ALIT
Carte intro ALA
Catherine -Jones ZETA
Chatter GAB
Chess piece PAWN
Conger, e.g EEL
Corroded ATE
Crony PAL
Dynamite constituent NITRO
Eg. and Syr., once UAR
Explanation HOW
Fasteners CLASPS
Foundation BED
Freedom, for short LIB
Furniture brand IKEA
Graceful animal GAZELLE
Home of the Buccaneers TAMPAFLORIDA
Homer's imp son BART
Hot tub SPA
Clues Answers
King (Lat.) REX
Mediocre BLAH
Metropolis CITY
Mischievous Norse god LOKI
Note from the boss MEMO
On the Mediterranean ASEA
Ostrich-like bird EMU
Otherwise IFNOT
Possess OWN
Ram's mate EWE
Regret RUE
Related AKIN
Reverence AWE
Rosemary's partner? THYME
Rosters LISTS
Roulette bet ODD
Shade provider ELM
Slow crawlers SNAILS
Solo HAN
Spirited attack SALVO
Suburb of Phoenix TEMPEARIZONA
Tatter RAG
Three-masted sailing ship XEBEC
Tiny legume PEA
Tokyo's old name EDO
Told a whopper LIED
Traps GINS
U.K. TV network BBC
Use a teaspoon STIR
Victory sign VEE
Will Smith biopic ALI
Willy Wonka's creator DAHL
Winter forecast SNOW