L.A. Times Daily - Jun 8 2015

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Clues Answers
"America's largest classroom" network ... or, read as a plural, a hint to 20-, 28-, 46- and 53-Across PBS
"Love Is a Battlefield" rocker PATBENATAR
"Search me" NOIDEA
"When __ Eyes Are Smiling" IRISH
A couple of times TWICE
Airport breeze indicator WINDSOCK
Ambassador's skill TACT
Answered a charge PLED
Approved OKED
Author Umberto ECO
Backside REAR
Bakery fixture OVEN
Biblical beast ASS
Camera attachment STRAP
Campus head DEAN
Chorus in church AMENS
Common opening time NINE
Court reporter STENO
Cuba, to Cubans ISLA
Devoid of artwork, as walls BARE
Dodgers manager Mattingly DON
Egg holder NEST
Fall behind LAG
Fillet's lack BONE
Finnish telecommunications giant NOKIA
Get some shuteye REST
Golfer Mickelson PHIL
Greek god of love EROS
Had a heart-to-heart TALKED
Hard puzzle ENIGMA
High-tech eye surgery LASIK
Higher than, in poetry OER
Hispanic grocery BODEGA
In a short time, poetically ANON
Kemo Sabe sidekick TONTO
Large cloth sign BANNER
Like a battery needing a charge DEAD
Like Buffalo wings, eating-wise MESSY
Clues Answers
List entry ITEM
Low-fat, as milk SKIM
LPGA golfer Michelle WIE
Marsh grasses REEDS
Missile storage facility SILO
Nevada gambling mecca RENO
New York canal ERIE
Norwegian capital OSLO
Opera solo ARIA
Parisian lover's word AIME
Prom gown material SATIN
Puppy bites NIPS
Puts on the line RISKS
Region AREA
Rubbed roughly ABRADED
Saudi Arabia neighbor YEMEN
Scheme PLOT
Senate staffers AIDES
Shakespeare's nickname, with "the" BARD
Sheltered Greek promenade STOA
Simple fastener SNAP
Skip over in pronunciation ELIDE
Skivvies brand BVD
Sourpuss' expression SCOWL
Superman's "dressing room" PHONEBOOTH
Termination END
The Hulk's co-creator STANLEE
Think highly of ESTEEM
Three-part cookie OREO
Tracks down, as a UPS package TRACES
Truman's first lady BESS
Unconscious state COMA
Ursine kiddie-lit character with a battered suitcase PADDINGTONBEAR
Valued (at) PRICED
Venerated dancer PRIMABALLERINA
Wrangler's rope LASSO
__ horse: long shot DARK