New York Times - Jun 7 2015

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Clues Answers
'Almost there, and E Pluribus Unum will be ___!' INTHEMONEY
'And they're off! Ace Detective has the ___!' EARLYLEAD
'Annabel Lee' poet POE
'But the winner is ... Inseam ___!' BYALENGTH
'But wait! Amex Card ___!' MAKESACHARGE
'Bye for now' SEEYOU
'Chiropractor heads into the ___!' BACKSTRETCH
'Here's where Mississippi Delta often ___!' GAINSGROUND
'It's Pariah ___!' ONTHEOUTSIDE
'Looks like Setting Sun is ___!' FADINGFAST
'Now Carrier Pigeon takes the ___!' TURNFORHOME
'The Confessions of ___ Turner' (1967 Pulitzer-winning novel) NAT
'Twelfth Night' woman VIOLA
1971 top 20 hit with no English lyrics OYECOMOVA
2005 South African drama that won a Best Foreign Film Oscar TSOTSI
Abbr. after many a general's name RET
All alternative ERA
Anatomical danglers UVULAS
Anatomical mass NODE
Aoki of the World Golf Hall of Fame ISAO
Apothecary items VIALS
Arab city whose name is an anagram of ARABS BASRA
Associate COHORT
At hand NEAR
Bad 'Wheel of Fortune' buy for SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ANE
Bagel shop amt DOZ
Band member with a long neck GUITAR
Barely ATAD
Base brass BUGLE
Bidding BEHEST
Bit of dental repair ONLAY
Bonheur who painted 'The Horse Fair' ROSA
C.I.O. partner AFL
Calculator that doesn't shut off ABACUS
Carried out, biblically DIDST
Checkup sounds AHS
Child's medicine dose, often: Abbr TSP
Collision IMPACT
Comics 'Oh no!' ACK
Cracker Jack prizes that leave a mark TEMPORARYTATTOOS
Creepy look OGLE
Curriculum component UNIT
De ___ (actual) FACTO
Dennis who fronted the 1960s-'70s Classics IV YOST
Deseret, today UTAH
Dirty Harry's surname CALLAHAN
Eldest of the Three Musketeers ATHOS
Essential amino acid LYSINE
Evidence of one's upbringing ACCENT
Feedbag grain OAT
Fissures CLEFTS
Fixate (on) OBSESS
Foxtrot preceder ECHO
Gilpin of 'Frasier' PERI
Have a bug, maybe AIL
He died at Xanadu KANE
Hershey brand SKOR
His or her, to Henri SES
Hobbes's favorite food in 'Calvin and Hobbes' TUNA
How the careful think TWICE
Ink containers for squids SACS
Intel mission RECON
Invasive Southern plant KUDZU
It's often at the end of a bottleneck CORK
Key presenters MAYORS
Kirk's partner in a groundbreaking 1968 interracial kiss UHURA
Leafy vegetable KALE
Life lines? OBIT
Locale of Ada and Enid: Abbr OKLA
Clues Answers
Long, on Lanai LOA
Mattel subsidiary that got its start in model trains TYCO
Maven GURU
Member of the 600 home run club SOSA
Middays NOONS
Moon of Uranus OBERON
Mop & ___ GLO
Most balanced STEADIEST
Mrs., in Madrid SRA
N.F.L. coach Carroll PETE
N.Z. neighbor AUST
Noted Moscow opening of 1990 MCDONALDS
Old Fords LTDS
Ollie's partner on old children's TV KUKLA
On fire AFLAME
One in the pipeline? SURFER
Ones having a rough spell? DYSLEXICS
Pageant accessory SASH
Part of a Derby garland ROSE
Part of GPS: Abbr SYST
Patriot Day's mo SEP
Penetrating TRENCHANT
Pennsylvania N.L.'ers PHILS
Public venues FORA
Purina product line ALPO
Race segment LEG
Reached GOTTO
Record number? SONG
Remedy for a 59-Down ALOE
Rice dish cooked in broth PILAF
River islands AITS
Rockies ski resort VAIL
Rolls out the green carpet? SODS
Rushes HIES
Scald, e.g BURN
Scarf (down) WOLF
Seine tributary OISE
Sgts. and cpls NCOS
Shopping lines? UPC
Show one's disapproval VOTENO
Simple wind instruments OCARINAS
Skater Babilonia TAI
Skill tested by Zener cards ESP
Sleep: Prefix SOMNI
Sleeveless undergarment, for short CAMI
Smother, as sound MUFFLE
Some old PCs IBMS
Some peers BARONS
Sound you can't make in your sleep ACHOO
Spelling practice? VOODOO
Stationary ATREST
Suit in a Spanish card deck OROS
Supermarket chain IGA
Syrian ruling family ASSADS
Takes too much, briefly ODS
Tara's owner OHARA
The 'little blue pill' VIAGRA
The titular scarlet letter REDA
They tend to brood HENS
Thick-walled pot DUTCHOVEN
Tool made to scale ICEAXE
Top-three finishes and total earnings, in horse racing STATS
Verb with 'vous' ETES
VW forerunners? RSTU
Where Luang Prabang is LAOS
Without warranty ASIS
Words after 'tough row' TOHOE
Words on a docent's badge ASKME