The Sun - Coffee Time - Jun 1 2015

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Clues Answers
Absent AWAY
Academic qualification DIPLOMA
Ailing, sick DISEASED
Antiquated OBSOLETE
Appendix to a will CODICIL
Auctions SALES
Bear up, get by COPE
Cycle of duties ROTA
Design of many parts MOSAIC
Disliked person SOANDSO
Dissecting knife SCALPEL
Do a sum ADDUP
Clues Answers
Fake, artificial ERSATZ
Fine porcelain CHINA
Flowers with thorns ROSES
Fond of talking VERBOSE
Form of protest SITIN
Garret ATTIC
Handed to you ONAPLATE
Invasions RAIDS
Japanese dress KIMONO
Lyric poems ODES
Musical piece SONATA
Sequential (number) ORDINAL
Style of hit in tennis FOREHAND
Women's team game NETBALL