The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26097 - May 13, 2015

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Clues Answers
American writer, having put out book, remains active EMERSON
Areas of ground in which University's planted flower LOTUS
Become bold: how to kill vampire with decapitation? TAKEHEART
Bouquet, expressing love: stylish and having remarkable power PSYCHIC
Colonies abroad importing new enamelware CLOISONNE
Contemporary location attracting crowd to a hanging? PICTUREGALLERY
Decorated urn — a piece appealing to the connoisseur? EPICUREAN
Encouraging reduction in staff and employment ROUSING
Energy conserver initially replacing article in lamp stand LECTERN
Expected blow? Pressure gets Minister, feeling bad, to deviate Prevailingwind
Fellow's holding on with spy, struggling, going under HYPNOSIS
Finally had a tea where the samovar is? DACHA
First medic's buzzer? DRONE
Fish topped with last of roasted nut ALMOND
Follow up news department's outing King and attractive woman GODDESS
Clues Answers
Hard-working donkey is carrying two with minimum of unease ASSIDUOUS
I'm to carry on erasing first picture IMAGE
Men and graduate admitted by academic, one controlling entrance DOORMAN
Mineral in soft drink mostly? That's absurd COMICAL
One researching, perhaps form of magnetism for gain PROFIT
Prickly sensation hasn't left touch TINGE
River, say, and a series of races — a _______ REGATTA
Second course: arrangement of pancakes? STACK
Some bread? Yes READY
Source of water I directed after nothing's drunk WELLOILED
Sulk during house visit — something in the garden? HOSEPIPE
The fellow savaged article advocating opposing point of view HERETICAL
Unhappy Moroccans ignoring new opening for Morocco in wider world picture MACROCOSM
Way of working, penning extravagant epigram MOTTO
Worry about staff attached to the French port FREMANTLE