Universal - May 13 2015

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Clues Answers
"If You Could Read My Mind" singer GORDONLIGHTFOOT
"It ___ what you think!" ISNT
"Little" Chaplin role TRAMP
"Pomp and Circumstance" composer ELGAR
"___ Bull" (De Niro film) RAGING
Airport guesses, for short ETAS
Alpine cottage CHALET
Analyzes grammar PARSES
And others, in a bibliography ETAL
Argentine plain LLANO
Backpackers HIKERS
Bangkok denizens THAIS
Bigfoot relatives YETIS
Boring tool TREPAN
Catchall abbr MISC
Cold-water flat? IGLOO
Coming-or-going word ALOHA
Conclusion END
Crux of the matter PITH
Crying divers LOONS
Delhi tongue HINDI
Dog's bane FLEA
Dries with absorbent paper BLOTS
Edible tuber EDDO
Engage, as gears MESH
Expensive seating LOGE
Facial-tissue additive ALOE
Fathers' robes ALBS
Film festival site CANNES
Fit for the task ABLE
Frame of mind MOOD
Give off, as perspiration EGEST
Good fruit with an unattractive name UGLI
Gradually deteriorate ERODE
Grand squared MIL
Hard to rattle CALM
Has the power to CAN
Helper, essentially AIDER
Clues Answers
Her mate HIM
Hereditary unit GENE
High school stereotype NERD
Holders of conferences? EASELS
Indian flatbread NAAN
Internet payment method ECASH
Is not, in dialect AINT
It's found in a lode-bearing wall ORE
Join with others in a cause ALIGN
Lehmann or Lenya LOTTE
Let the cat out of the bag BLAB
Like a squid's defense INKY
Metal-coated PLATED
Needing to watch every penny FEELINGTHEPINCH
Of practical value UTILE
Offend slightly MIFF
Old Testament book AMOS
One lacking hope GONER
Patella's place KNEE
Projections from a hub RADII
Punch bowl item LADLE
Revelation response AHA
Ruth's mother-in-law NAOMI
Safety installation RAIL
Show those pearly whites BREAKINTOASMILE
Small carps NITS
Small spreads, in Mexico RANCHOS
Sound enhancer MIKE
Source of needles FIR
Southern food plant OKRA
Spot of land ISLE
Toward the sheltered side ALEE
Unit of solar radiation LANGLEY
Vat preparations DYES
What Italians used to spend LIRE
Words following "sleep" or "step" ONIT
Wrap handle SARAN
Yemeni port ADEN