Universal - May 12 2015

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Clues Answers
"Can ___ Witness" (Marvin Gaye hit) IGETA
"Little Women" woman BETH
"That's ___ and you know it!" ALIE
"The Giant" of wrestling fame ANDRE
Barely manage (with "out") EKE
Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, e.g DEISTS
Big name in electricity FARADAY
Billionaire Bill GATES
Billy the "Piano Man" JOEL
Canned fish SARDINES
CBS reality show BIGBROTHER
Chicken ___ king ALA
Children's book elephant BABAR
Classic cartoon character BETTYBOOP
Commotions of Shakespearean proportions? ADOS
Cornered, as a hunted animal ATBAY
Customary HABITUAL
Droning, as a voice MONOTONE
Drops, as pounds SHEDS
Filberts, e.g NUTS
Former Mideast grp UAR
Gettysburg Address word AGO
Greek war god ARES
Greeting or playing items CARDS
Herr's wife FRAU
Horror film effects GORE
Imitation chocolate CAROB
Irving Bacheller's "___ Holden" EBEN
Is important RATES
Japan's "City of Water" OSAKA
Justifiers of means ENDS
La Brea ___ Pits TAR
Legacy maker SUBARU
Like some inaccurate watches FAST
Loud, in music FORTE
Michaelmas daisy ASTER
Clues Answers
Not fore AFT
Old TV's talking horse MRED
One of the coasts EAST
Parade favorite BRASSBAND
Part of a cheerleader's routine RAHS
Partially open AJAR
Protein source for vegetarians TOFU
Protest dummy EFFIGY
Quick cut SNIP
Rabbits' relatives HARES
Reaches a goal ACHIEVES
Rough, as a voice HOARSE
Saturn features RINGS
Second order of angels CHERUBIM
Showing no mercy RUTHLESS
Site of a pivotal 1777 battle SARATOGA
Smokes meat CURES
Song for a diva ARIA
Speak thickly SLUR
Spellbound RAPT
Styles MODES
Surmise GUESS
Sweet snack CANDYBAR
Thirty-first president HOOVER
Toady's responses YESES
Too small TIGHT
Tucker and Roberts TANYAS
Type of opera SOAP
Type of race RELAY
Useful word-processing feature for newbies UNDO
Vatican VIP POPE
Venomous snake RATTLER
West Point student CADET
Word in a letter closing YOURS
Word with "blood" or "organ" DONOR
Writer Jong ERICA
___ off (switch choice) ONOR